Brown Paper Packages and Promises

Many years ago I met a woman online, Gia.  I can’t even remember now, the circumstances of our meeting, only that we had so much in common and it was astonishing to find someone half the country away with such a similar story.  I know she was brought to my life for a reason. God knew I needed a bosom friend.  He knew that 16 years (so far) of moving around the world was coming and that I would need someone that wouldn’t be bothered by time zones and continents.

We talked for long hours and exchanged messages that were closer to essays… and over the years our stories were knit together.  We prayed for each other through loss and heartache, we rejoiced in each others triumphs, and eventually years later cried tears of joy as we watched the other become a mother despite the overwhelming odds.

And though I have never laid my eyes on her face or actually sat on her porch and sipped tea while we watch our children play together, she has become one of my closest friends in this world and someone I know that will always have my back… as I will always have hers.

Here and there as the years have passed we have exchanged what has come to be called “Your box”.  It can take a few years for one to go out but we are always building a box… tucking little treasures aside for the other to send when the time is right and the box is ready.

The first boxes held tea pots… They were promises that one day we would have tea together… these days the boxes lean more towards art supplies and coffee.  We are mothers now and life has changed.  It’s beautiful to watch our boxes grow as we do!

This week my box came.  It came at a time when it was much needed.  That is what makes this little quirk of our friendship so incredible.  I’ll admit that I cried like a screw faced old hag.


The bounty was incredible!

dsc_0456Included was a rock family.  This begs explanation.  Long ago, at the beginning of our friendship, Ryan used to scoff at our friendship.  He said I was spending a lot of time on someone who wasn’t real.  He called her my “Pet Rock” for years.  This was a gift included for Ryan.  So that he could have pet rocks of her family.  Ryan has since been won entirely over.  He includes things in the boxes too.  As does Gia’s husband, Roger.  This coffee mug is from him!!!

dsc_0461Speaking of coffee… They sent me coffee from Roger’s Sister’s Shop!!!  I have Unicorn Blood Coffee!!!  Ummmm….dsc_0457  And that gorgeous red cowl they are sitting on? She made me an Outlander Cowl!!!  She said she knew I could make it myself but this one I didn’t have to and you know what?  She’s right!  I never get around to making myself anything to wear.


In case you haven’t guessed yet… this woman is also the author I’ve told you about before who wrote, I’ll Be Seeing You.  The book you see in the picture above about nurses in WWII.  (Shameless plug, You can find your copy here: I’ll Be Seeing You by Gia Cooper) She included not only a signed copy of her book, but the first bound copy!!! I about fan girled my head off!

One of my previous boxes included a Kintsugi kit because it’s something that Gia wanted to learn to do badly. It is the Japanese art of taking a broken piece of pottery and instead of sweeping it into the dustbin, taking gold, and repairing it, making the break it’s most interesting and precious feature.  This is her Bluebird of Happiness Mug from Conner Prairie, one of her favorite places.  It got cracked and was her first Kintsugi project.  She says it’s not perfect and still leaks a little… but it’s perfect to me and makes a stellar home for crochet hooks and I am so pleased to have it in my home.  I wonder if I ever told her that my nickname in high school was bluebird?


Gia is immensely talented.  She paints with ink, coffee, and watercolors… she makes doily dream-catchers, wall hangings, and every manner of beautiful things.  (Another shameless plug, you should check out her shop at: RogueAndRascal )  In my box was a coffee and ink piece done just for me… Anne and Diana from Anne of Green Gables.  Now if you know me… you know.  You know… I have a frame on the way.


The last thing in my box was this absolutely stunning doily dream-catcher.  It’s the first thing in ten years that’s made me absolutely stamp my foot in rage at my white base housing walls.  Because it was hard to get a good picture for you of just how amazing this piece is.  So I laid it on the table to get a picture of the detail and then got a picture of where it’s hanging.


My camera failed me… because where it hangs it catches light and shadows all day long and I absolute adore it… but here it looks subtle and it is anything but!!!


Gia, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Our friendship has been a rock to me through all of these long years and these gifts are amazing friend… I think I know how I’ll start the next “Your box”.