The Caper of the Nearly Spoiled Birthday

capersToday was my 36th birthday.  The day started with my sweet baby boy snuggled up with me, whispering in my face, at 12:05am, “Momma, I’m the first one to say happy birthday to you!!!” with his blue cheese vomit breath.  Oh yeah… that happened.

At 11:55pm of October 24th I was shaken awake by my husband.  The shaking was accompanied by the frantic plea, “Courtney, wake up, oh please wake up…  Isaac just vomited… EVERYWHERE!” This launched me out of bed, sans glasses, and I stumbled, my whole body shaking from the abrupt interruption of sleep, into the hall bath to see my kiddo retching into the toilet… I was accosted by a wall of stink… blue cheese, capers, acid, vomit… just NO!!!

Ryan was getting him stripped down and into the shower and so I turned to his room to asses the damage.  The room was unspeakable.  My toes squished on the carpet.  His poor stuffed animals were a loss and every scrap of bedding was in need of scooping and scrapping and then a hot wash and dry.  Let me just repeat… my toes squished on the carpet… let that sink in… because my toes did.

I made my way across the room to see how bad it was and as I closed in on the piles of blue cheese vomit my stomach started to churn… the closer I got the more detail came into focus (remember I was not wearing my glasses) and suddenly I could see piles of little undigested capers and it was all over.  I began to heave and I ran, feet splashing, back out of the room.

I took over the care of the boy and my heroic husband took over clean up.  I got Isaac cleaned up and dressed and tucked into bed with me where we cuddled and he told me happy birthday.  He couldn’t sleep just yet but said he was feeling so much better.  Ryan cleaned forever and 4 bottles of cleaner, a mop with bleach, a roll of paper towels, 3 loads of laundry, 2 showers, the carpet cleaner, and a bucket of chlorox wipes later he finally came into our room to get Isaac who was resting quietly.

Just as he said, “Okay buddy…”  Isaac fast crawled to the edge of the bed and started heaving right over the edge of our bed into my Turkish silk shag carpet. In between heaves he said “I’m so sorry… *SPLASH*… but at least… *URP*…I saved… *SPLASH HORK*…your sheets…*UUUUUGHHHG PLOP*….Momma.”

This was followed by a scramble to get him to the toilet and another long haul of cleaning and this time picking cheese chunks and capers out of silk shag. *shudder*  We finally put him into his bed WITH A BUCKET at 2:45am.  He threw up twice more and went on to sleep until almost 10:30am.  Needless to say he did not go to school today.

My best guess?  The capers… that only he ate… because he loves them so… had turned.  And thus explains the title… The caper of the nearly spoiled birthday.

My poor boy.

He kept down toast and was feeling so much better so we held to a loose approximation of our plans for the day.  Mom and I went shopping for my birthday as is tradition and we had a lovely time… though it was a bit short due to a very late start.  (That’s what happens when no one sleeps.  And believe me it’s hard to sleep when someone is running a carpet shampooer for an hour in the middle of the night.  My poor parents… that’s some vacation they are having!!!)  The guys took him along on their excursions and he had a blast and we all came back together and had a lovely pot roast dinner (though I say so myself!)


Until next year,

Of Princesses, Politics, Star Dust, and Halflings

I’ve been asked several times in the past few weeks why I haven’t talked about what’s going on in politics and the world, honestly I’m feeling more and more like I need to go ahead and say something.  I don’t want you to think I am the silent or that I have no opinion (that is frankly impossible).

When I started my presence on social media over 12 years ago it was with a promise to Ryan and to myself.  I swore that there were two things that I would not engage in on any form of social media and for 12 years I have kept that promise.  Those two things are; serious discussion of any disagreement between he and I and politics. 

The first is self-explanatory and one that has never been hard.  Our life together really has become The Princess Bride over the years… it’s gone from “As You Wish” to “Life is Pain” a bit more than I would like in recent years but he’s still my best friend and working things out together has never been something we’ve been tempted to do in the public eye.  I am honest and transparent about what we go through with his knowledge and blessing.


The second is harder.  I do not enjoy politics.  Discussing it does not fire my blood and excite me.  It makes me sick at my stomach and lose sleep and I become a nightmare to live with.  I feel the same way about debate and confrontation.  This year, however, has tested my resolve beyond belief. 

I have watched every rally that was streamed, every debate.  I have read every article I could get my hands on and researched on both sides.  I have read all of your statuses and scrolled the comments.  I have agreed and I have disagreed.  You have not seen me for one reason and it is complicated.  I have traveled the world.  I have people that I love from every walk of life.  From every race and color and religion and from both sides of this fight. 

It is because it has become a fight that I am cautious.  On Facebook, if I like or comment on one thing you post… it opens that post up for everyone on my friends list to see and then your wall becomes the new battleground.  I am unwilling to mediate or apologize for having friends of different viewpoints and so, because I love you and because I will not be used to fuel more fight I have stayed silent here, I have not chosen social media as my platform.  Don’t get me wrong… I have put in literally hundreds of hours of discussion in other ways.  Ryan, for one, is praying for me to lose my voice, I think.

I feel like Frodo in the counsel of Elrond.  A lowly Hobbit whose hard work is done cooling his heels while the big dogs make a choice who then watches all of the giants he respects start to tear each other to pieces in heated debate over what to do next and over who will be the best choice to go.  In horror, he jumps to his feet and declares “I will take it!  I will take the ring into Mordor!”


But there is no ring for me to take… there is no one task I can take on my shoulders, no burden to ease the pain of what’s going on in my tiny corner of social media or for that matter in my country or my world.  This is a burden we all must bear and it is vast and messy and it’s tearing us apart.  I know one very true thing… in less than a month, a choice will be made, this will be done, and we will still all have to live, TOGETHER, on this bit of star dust that we call our home.  


This is my way, it may not be yours.  Your platform may be social media, talking about politics may be what helps you make a decision or you may have a platform that helps others choose.  I do not feel that specific burden.  This is my choice.  I fight this fight in other ways.

Disclaimer: Though I am breaking my rule with great forethought and posting ABOUT politics this post is not a place to discuss politics.  As a dear friend of mine says, “This is a wall, there are many like it, but this one is mine.”

With all my love,

“Never cruel or cowardly, Never give up never give in.” Doctor Who