A road I never thought to be on…

I’m sitting in the waiting room of an Army Post, waiting for Ryan to be done with his procedure.   He’s having a vasectomy today.  

Ten years of infertility and the many heartaches and emotions that go with that… All that is behind me, all that we walked through… and this is never a place I pictured myself.

But here we are.

It’s for all the right reasons, so that I can stay with my family and yet I mourn a little… who am I kidding?  This is devastating… and nobody understands why.




9 thoughts on “A road I never thought to be on…

      • I definitely understand. With 3 preemies, all NICU stays and the last being an emergency c-section, the risks weigh on my mind a lot. I’m not sure what we are waiting on. Maybe hoping to feel some kind of closure or peace first? Who knows. Like I say, it’s inevitable. :/

  1. My heart dropped when I read about Ryan’s procedure. I wish there were other options for you. I’m sure everyone’s asked you this, but what about surrogacy or adoption? I would think fostering is hard for a military family though. My heart is with you.

    • We can’t afford surrogacy by a long shot and we are disqualified to foster adopt due to Ryan having inactive Tabuculoses. Having a natural child was our only option and having him destroyed my body. He is 100% worth it and I’m beyond greatful to have him in our lives AND HE IS ENOUGH… but today is a sad death of a dream all the same.

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