Falkor Makes Four!

My husband, Ryan, and I have been talking about getting a dog again for about a year.  We lost our boys 3 years ago now and our short ownership of Spock, pre The Year of Hell (a.k.a. being stationed in Turkey) didn’t cure us of wanting to be a dog family.

Now that we are stateside for a while we decided it was time to think about it again… So, we started to research and talk to people in chat rooms and a decision was made… Golden Retriever and now not later.  This may sound crazy to everyone but us… but the pros of doing this now instead of waiting for the move just out weighed the cons 10 to 1!

Today Isaac and I made a turn around trip to the valley to pick out a puppy.  What we found was love all wrapped up in a sleepy, wriggly, fluffy bunch of kisses.  

I showed Isaac pictures of the three pups we would be allowed to choose from the night before we left.  He told me immediately that the puppies looked like baby Falkors.  (We are thrilled as that name made the short list of names for our next dog!  Imagine him picking our favorite name all on his own!?)  
We walked in this morning and he played with all three for a minute.  I asked him, “Isaac, which one is Falkor?” and this was his way of answering me…

He looked each pup in the face very carefully and then said, 
“This one is not Falkor but he’s sweet. This one isn’t Falkor either but I like him. 
THIS one is Falkor… he’s my puppy… my baby dog Falkor!”
From that moment forward he had eyes for no other puppy (and that’s a big deal as there were seven).  He followed Falkor around on hands and knees… SO CUTE!
Falkor is a 5 week old white/blond Golden Retriever.  We’ll get to bring him home on the 21st of August and we can hardly wait.  It’s been so long since I saw a dog and thought, “That’s the one!  That’s the dog for us…”  That happened the moment I laid eyes on Falkor, and then my son CHOSE HIM! 

There isn’t much in the world better than seeing a boy and his dog… unless it’s seeing my boy just radiating joy at the playful lick of his very own, “Baby Falkor puppy dog!”
My heart is full of puppy dog tails for the first time in a long time.

2 thoughts on “Falkor Makes Four!

  1. Awww, I just love this story! That is incredible how he picked a name you and Ryan were already thinking about…and then picked the same dog you picked!! He was just meant to be a part of your family! He's adorable!

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