NEWS! Yippee!!!!

I only have a moment… but we have tickets!  We are out of Turkey this week.  Ryan will have two weeks to settle us in, say his goodbyes, enjoy family and then he’s on a plane back to Turkey and then a deployment and we won’t see him again until 2014. 

The flat out battle to get out of here has resulted in two IG investigations and a bunch of people are going to get in trouble… That seems to be our lot in life. 

We are rock turners. 

I guess that’s a calling too.  sigh…

So it’s Tuesday, we got our tickets on Monday… we have about 24 hours left to pack and close down the house and and and… When things start to move around here they MOVE! 

I’ll try to come back and let you know when we are finally in AZ!


6 thoughts on “NEWS! Yippee!!!!

  1. Very glad to hear that you’re getting out of Turkey! Prayers for a smooth move and will look forward to hearing from you once you’re settled! Prayers for you and Ryan as well, being apart will not be easy.

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