No news is good news? WRONG!

I have put off coming back because I’m so sick of writing negative things and giving bad news and feeling like my life is one drama after another.  However, there is news and I may as well give it.

I need your prayers.  Things are ugly here right now.  To go into detail would take more time than I have, be filled with acronyms you wouldn’t understand, and flat out just be unbelievable.  I don’t ever want anyone to come here, read my blog, and wonder if I’m for real… and yet, somehow, every time I read it myself that’s what I’m thinking!

Basically, we have dealt with unreal ego, lost paperwork, shady restrictions, and now one man has put a medical hold on my ERD, at literally the very last minute, because he’s sure he can find a Turkish doc who will agree to treat me.  Thus we enter a legal battle because I will refuse off base treatments (I am within my rights to do so due to the nature of my illness and certain other things about medical here that I can’t talk about) but it will be long and ugly and will leave me stuck here in Turkey while Ryan still has to deploy. 

I need prayers for favor, resolution, and some peace of mind… because frankly I’m about to lose it!


7 thoughts on “No news is good news? WRONG!

  1. That sounds like my life…so much crud going on that I know pwoplw don’t believe what I say till they spend a day with me. I will be praying for you and your family, health, and safety.

  2. So sorry you are having to go through this:( Turkey has been a nightmare for us as well! I hope things work out for you soon~

  3. Holey Moley!!! JAG? Inspector General? The doc who wants to send you home? Who can fix this?!?!!?I can pray.(I thought it was odd that you were still posting from Turkey.)

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