Game Change…

Military life dictates that at the drop of a hat your whole life can change… again…  I always expect it and I am always caught off guard. I suppose I have yet to perfect my “ever vigilant” stance.

We had a game change mid day…

We will all be on a plane next week (it was supposed to be last week but the wheels grind slowly) 

Ryan will have two weeks to get us settled and say his goodbyes. 

Then he will return to Turkey… alone… for the remainder of his tour.  This will include a deployment.

We are now back to living with my parents and expecting to see him sometime in January if everything goes through and there are no more surprises. 

I’m struggling with all the changes… and I’ll admit that I’m disappointed.  I had made my peace with a long separation… then they said we wouldn’t be apart for more than a few months and I let myself (I KNOW BETTER) get comfortable with that… and now it’s time to pay the piper.

There are more details and reasons than I understand or have time to go into… but this is final (as final as anything can be)

We would as always appreciate any prayers and I’ll be seeing you from America soon!



5 thoughts on “Game Change…

  1. Prayers to you all…. The military tends to think everything goes around them. Its unfortunate, but I hope they stick to their plan so that you can get back to the states!!! Praying… praying!!!!

  2. That just doesn’t seem right. I’m so sorry. If your being in the EFMP gets his orders changed, then he shouldn’t have to finish Turkey without you. Who can I smack upside the head? Not that it helps. We’ve had our share of unfair circumstances, and I’ve never smacked anyone. But I’d smack them for you

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