Only the big stuff… quick!

Who knows if I actually have time for an update?  Not me! 

A few semi big things are going on amidst all the packing and moving in…


1) I’m back on IV Iron infusions.  My iron has dropped to rock bottom again and so the weekly treatments have begun again.  I’m just glad that the doc listened to me when he did… He started off saying that he doesn’t like to do IV and would rather just start me over on oral iron to see for himself… I argued he patted me on the head and sent me on my way.  My blood work came back and I got the call to come in for the first treatment three days later.  YIKES!


2) We’re almost all moved in!  This weekend may just be the last of it and I can’t wait.  It’s so nice to be ‘home’ again!


3) I broke down and hired a maid.  I swore I wouldn’t but my health is deteriorating again.  Frankly I’m finding the exhaustion very hard to combat with an active two year old and the household stuff has largely fallen to a)Ryan or b)me when Ryan can take the kiddo off to do fun things…  Which means that either Ryan is overburdened or I miss out on family time. 

I still wasn’t going to hire a maid… even with the price I just couldn’t do it…

Then Suna came to my door.  Something about her just tugged at me but I still said no.  When she walked away I immediately felt convicted about it.  I talked to Ryan and prayed about it and then two weeks later she came to my door.  We hired her for every other week at first and then we talked about it again and REALLY felt like we should make it a weekly thing…  So when she showed up for her very first day I told her.

She broke down and cried.  And then I heard her story…

She is, at the most, in her early 30’s.  She is a new widow.  Her husband died at the age of 35 in September of an advanced cancer that wasn’t caught until the last month of his life.  They thought his tiredness was because he’d been working so hard and long to keep them in their home.  She has three young children.  A 7 year old girl, a three year old boy and a 1 year old baby (she didn’t say if the baby was a boy or a girl.)  Doing the math that means that the youngest was 4 months old when her husband died.  I can’t even fathom.  She sobbed when I told her we would do every week and told me how hard it was to explain to her babies why there are no diapers, new clothes, toys like their friends have, or food at the end of the week.  As we talked I learned more of her story and my heart is just so burdened for her… She moved in with her mother after her husband died because they couldn’t keep the house… she came to work on base but it’s PCS season and everyone is passing on their maid so she’s having trouble getting established (as in I am now her only full time job and she’s been here a month) she takes two Dulmishes to get here (think two bus lines) and her mother is very elderly… she can watch the kids for Suna but do little else.  I can’t even begin to imagine the weight on her shoulders.

So I, against all odds, have a maid.  It feels so strange… it’s not really the way I’ve ever lived but it comes at a time when I need the help and I know she needs the work too (though that feels like a snotty thing to say…)  The laws here forbid any kind of charity because the government then can convict the people of tax evasion so all I can do for her is pay her a little more than the going rate and instead of taking advantage of her just have her clean and then let her get home early (most people require them to do laundry, dishes, ironing, and cook for the same cost and the maids hours can be anywhere in the hours of 7 to 5.) Suna arrives at 8:30 and by 12:30 she’s cleaned my house to sparkling and is able to get home in time to put her baby down for a nap. 

The benefit for me?  I keep busy doing dishes and laundry and playing with my boy.  And when family time is available I get to participate!

Pray with me for this woman?  I can’t talk to her about the Lord, it’s illegal here… but I can pray my hardest that she takes something home with her everyday that she’s here… even if it’s just a smile.


4) Pray for my boy?  He’s lonely… he asks me daily to go play with the kids… asks for his cousins by name… I wish there was something here for him but there just isn’t…  We found a MOPS group which was awesome!!!  But we got one meeting in and they broke for the summer so we’re on our own until September…  We go to parks but it’s too hot for the other kids… They started a play group but now my treatments are on those days and they go through the summer… He’s lonely… we don’t cut it…


Okay I think that’s it for me today… He’s up and watching Star Trek with me but it won’t last long!

Love you… miss you…