A dozen years already?!


Today I have been married to my best friend for twelve years. 

Twelve years… how did that happen?  It seems like just yesterday I turned toward that boy and kissed my husband for the very first time…

I find that as the years go on I have less to say… or maybe it’s just that our little language… the way we look at each other… the way we are with each other… the very fabric of who we are… drops out of the realm of speech and public a little more with every passing year.  Some things just can’t be put into words… when a look over the head of your son holds worlds…

Ryan is more than my soul mate he’s the other half of me.  Every day when he walks in the door, home from work, there is a little flutter and a settling that happens in my heart… a homecoming.  Twelve years hasn’t lessened that… it’s intensified it… and smoothed the edges so that it fits comfortably.  It hasn’t become old and boring or the norm… being with Ryan has become like breathing.  It just is…

I love him and I like him, I want him and I need him, I’m proud to be with him and still a little amazed at the story that we are.

We are blessed beyond words to have found our port in the storm.

Seeing him with our son is like being clobbered by love all over again.  Sometimes when he takes Isaac off my hands so that I can take a break (wash dishes, vacuum, sweep, do laundry, you know… sit in the hammock and read a book, (SNORT) I catch myself wasting that precious time just watching them together.  This man that I’ve loved for almost my whole life is a wonderful daddy to a boy just like him.  My heart is lost completely…

Twelve years… I hope we have dozens more…  Because this man is everything to me that he promised he would be and I hope I’m the same for him.

Happy Anniversary, Ryan.




8 thoughts on “A dozen years already?!

  1. Whew! I teared up reading this. You two have such a beautiful thing. It’s hard to really even find words to describe it, but I hope this is what Derek and I grow to have as well. I feel like we will. Happy Anniversary you two! You’re an amazing example and I love you both!

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