Greetings from Turkey! (Or should I say Merhaba!?)


Oh my goodness it has been forever since I’ve had the time to just sit down and write…

Things with our move to Turkey did not go as planned… Isaac and my passports were stolen and we were required to procure new passports before we could go.  Despite the insane amount of money we paid we just could not get them in time and the Air Force sent Ryan on to Turkey without us. 

It seems like we were hit with one thing after another but we endured it all and (after a grueling 24 solid hours of travel) Isaac and I are here in Turkey with Ryan… together again.

The delays worked in our favor in one way for sure… we fell into a beautiful little house!  Here is the link to the video tour I posted on Facebook if you would like to see it.!/photo.php?v=3960139720894

I really think we’ll enjoy our time here… at least I’m determined to!  We haven’t had much time to explore but what I’ve seen I like…

I have to admit that at first it didn’t feel real that I was in another country, let alone, the Middle East!  I’ve been so many places that hearing a foreign language no longer feels, well, foreign… BUT walking into the BX yesterday and hearing the middle eastern music coming from the downtown markets nearby hit me like a bolt of reality!  Hearing the Adhan (the call to prayer) five times a day is going to take some getting used to as well. (We didn’t hear them over the weekend so I heard it for the first time at 9pm last night)

Isaac seems to be adjusting well… He loves the new house and having daddy back… He has a little bit of jet lag but seems to be boppin’ along! 

Ryan leaves for a 10 day class in Germany next week so we are ramping up for that.

I’ll be around with pictures and updates as our things arrive and we make this house a home. 

All my love,



8 thoughts on “Greetings from Turkey! (Or should I say Merhaba!?)

  1. So glad you made it, Courtney! I bet it was quite an ordeal for all of you, but I’m so glad you are safely there.  Are you worried about your passports being stolen…?  What do people do with stolen passports?  I’m sorry you had to pay so very much and still didn’t get them on time 😦  But I’m glad everything is okay now!

  2. I can hardly believe you are finally there!! It doesn’t even seem real yet. I can’t wait for you to venture out into the town and to document it ALL on camera.  I want pictures of EVERYTHING.  Love you!!

  3. Glad you made it and lucked into such a lovely large house!  It doesn’t look Turkish for the most part, but I’m sure you’ll be experiencing the local culture soon.  πŸ™‚

  4. Now… once you get to go exploring, PLEASE share some pics!  One thing I loved about Germany were the pics you shared with us.I watched the house vid… great place!Love to you my adventurous friend!!!

  5. I can’t wait to watch the house video!!  I want to see where you live.  But I don’t have time at the moment.I am SO glad you have arrived and are back together as a family.  Like the others, I can’t WAIT to see pictures from this place!  As Brie said, I loved seeing your Germany pics and hearing about your adventures there.  Love you!

  6. I commented on the video, but I LOVE the house! Just beautiful. It still doesn’t “feel” like you’re on the other side of the world. Take lots of pictures. LOVE YOU.

  7. I agree with the request for pics!! I ADORED your Germany pics πŸ™‚ They were amazing!!! I am SO glad you all are reunited (even though it’s not for long) and that you got there safely. I can’t wait to hear about your life in Turkey, I’m sure it will be full of adventure & wonder ❀

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