So much to say… NO TIME!

I so badly want to come and sit and chat for awhile with you… Alas I haven’t the time…  But I need to take a moment to let you know the basics…

We move out of our house into temporary lodging tomorrow morning.

We spend days coming and going from the house supervising movers and cleaners…

We have our final out from our house next Friday… APR20

We have our final out from the base the following Monday… APR23

We hop in the car right after and head for Dallas getting in late…

APR24 we drop off our car for shipment and take care of any other paperwork.

On April 25th we board a plane for DWI and three hours after landing board another for Germany and three hours after landing board another for Turkey.

We are staring down the barrel at a very rough two weeks capped off by almost 52 hours of continuous travel…

The day after we arrive in Turkey we will be shown a handful of houses and asked to choose… then we move in with loaner furniture and sit tight to wait for our car and our household goods. 

This is going to be a wild ride!  Say a prayer for us!