Things will get better this I promise you

*Protected post up*

Happy March!  I can’t believe how much of this year has already flown by. 

We are deep into the process of this PCS and are anxiously awaiting the day we board a plane for Turkey!

I’m so excited that we won’t be separated for another year!!!

Isaac is doing great.  He runs everywhere, never sleeps, and never stops talking… in short, he’s a boy!

It’s been fantastic to have Ryan home after so long apart… we are soaking each other up!

I’m going to try hard to get here a lot more often.  I miss you guys! 

While I’m getting everything together here is a photo of my happy little family!  I love this picture because I love seeing Ryan laugh in reckless abandon, knowing that he just spent 7 months away from us in Afghanistan. I love knowing that Isaac is looking straight “Ut” because we told him to look up at the camera… I love knowing that he’s being a goof! I love seeing my face… looking happy and in awe… as I constantly am!

We have endured a lot in the 12 years we’ve been together and Isaac jumped right in 21 months ago. Our little family has certainly lived a rollercoaster and one of the things about us I’m most proud of is that we don’t waste any time… If you see us you see this. We laugh together, we play, we love each other… Nothing changes that and nothing dampens it. God knew exactly what He was doing when he knit us together and plunked our most amazing son down between us.


All my love,