Bullet style update by the seat of my pants!

At this point I’m coming here to update just to have somewhere to record all the crazy things that are happening in our lives right now.  I think I’m going to have to do a bullet post because putting this all into prose is just daunting!

  • Isaac has finally cut the last of the 8 teeth that have been coming in.  He now has all 16 and we have a break until his two year old molars.  Phew!
  • Isaac still has the same ear infection he got 34 days ago.  We are on the third oral course of antibiotics and have also done two antibiotic boosters in the ER.  They have exhausted what they normally use on children and he’s now on some pretty powerful stuff… He has an appointment with an ENT on the 14th… FINGERS CROSSED!
  • We spent two nights in the ER last week with a high fever complicated by Isaac’s ear infection.  That was fun… Poor baby!
  • We have our orders to Incirlik, Turkey.  In about six months we’ll be there.
  • We are praying hard that we get a good house there… things look fantastic but with the Air Force, prayer NEVER goes astray!
  • We are getting excited about being together as a family again!  It’s a big shock to our little world going to Turkey out of the blue but it will be so nice to be together!
  • We have to get rid of Spock for some potential customs issues with Turkey and then going to another overseas location after that.
  • I found a wonderful family for him!  I’ve known the mom for about 7 years on Xanga (though she isn’t here anymore).  They have three children and are an Air Force family moving to California.  He’s going to be in doggy heaven.  I am excited for him!
  • I just found out that Isaac is going to be our only child.  Basically (and I am really making a long story short) my health will not tolerate another pregnancy.  I was told to thank God for the son I have been given, thank God he’s healthy, thank God I do not have a much more serious health issue, and spend the energy left to me being a mom to Isaac.  Another baby will destroy what health I have left and the potential for serious health issues with the baby is astronomical.  Ryan and I have decided after much prayer that it’s not worth the risk. 
  • We are blessed beyond all we could ask or think.
  • Our life is crazy, up in the air, not our own at all, and AMAZING!

I guess that’s it for the moment… I’m sure there’s more… or there soon will be!  šŸ™‚

Love you and miss you beyond words…



8 thoughts on “Bullet style update by the seat of my pants!

  1. Wowzers!  It’s just one thing after another for you guys!  I’m SO thankful that your little family gets to be together again…in Turkey!  Woo!  Praying for you through this time as you prepare for that! I’m sorry about your news about a future child.  But mostly, I am so thankful that your doctor found this out and told you now before you or a baby were put at risk.  And above all, I am SO grateful that God sent you Isaac!  So, SO grateful!  Love!

  2. Poor little baby!  Pray that his ears clear up,  Exciting times for your little family.  What’s the timeline for the move?  Sorry to hear the news about future children.  I know how much gratitude you have for what God has given you, but I’m sure, even given that, it was difficult news to hear and comprehend.  ((prayers))!

  3. wow–so much!!!  So thankful that you have your little Isaac!Please try Chiro for his ear infections.  I think Tricare covered it 100% for Natalie when she had ear infections.  Within 2 weeks her horrible one was gone and we had no more problems!

  4. I hate to hear that he has an ear infection for so stinkin’ long.  I don’t presume I know more than the doctors, but maybe ask them about enzymes.  I may be way off base, but the mixture of Lysozyme, lactoferrin and Lactoperoxidase with hydrocortisone worked for my dog that had an ear infection that would not be cured by anything.  If it works for dogs…maybe little boys???  We used Zymox, OTIC HC 1.0%

  5. When my daughter had her first ear infection, doctor at base said ears are not usually clear for 6 weeks after antibiotics.  So is it really the same one?  Have you done any reading on allergies and ear infections?  Our NICU nurse said her son was allergic to dogs or milk (they were going to test) and that’s why her boy was having so many…..Our holistic DR (not the one at the base mentioned above) gave us a homeopathic remedy that worked for her ear infection.  I was very happy to avoid the antibiotics!  Of course, she has just had two rounds because of UTIs, but what can a mom do!  Sometimes they are necessary!  We are always hoping for good info from our DRs!So glad you are going to Turkey together!

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