Suprise! You’re life is about to change… A WHOLE LOT!

I don’t know how long I’ll have… moments before Isaac wakes up but this is the first moment I’ve had today to really sit and think…

We got some HUGE news today that you’ve probably already seen on Facebook so here’s the scoop.

Ryan got the news this morning that his one year tour in Izmir Turkey has been canceled due to the need to fill his slot immediately.  Instead they are sending him to Incerlik AFB on the other side of Turkey.  The big shocker is that this tour is for two years and it’s accompanied.  That means that Isaac and I will be moving to Turkey… the first week of March.  I went from getting ready to say hello and goodbye to Ryan in quick succession this winter to saying goodbye to America and moving overseas again. 

It’s a good thing I’m excited but I’m blown away.  Life is crazy and that’s a fact.

It’s time to be honest.  Regular blogging is out for me until I’ve left Phoenix.  Life is so busy that most days I don’t get near my computer and just facebook on my phone…  I just don’t have any time for myself.  I’ll keep throwing up quick posts like this but for the most part I’ll see you after Christmas… I’m so sad… I miss you ladies so much and having you in my life is about to get a whole lot more important!  (And you’re already a pretty big deal for me!) 

Keep us in your prayers?  You are always in mine… and my thoughts…



On the fly…

I am so sorry that I haven’t been around.  I miss you so much!  Just when I was getting back into blogging and rediscovering just how much it really does mean in my life my whole world is tipped up on it’s side! 

Things are… going.  Isaac is still cutting those 8 teeth though four of them are poking through now… it’s the fallout that NEVER ends.  He is miserable!  To add to that he picked up a nasty cold at the sitters last Friday AND learned to pick his nose… the two combined are… JOY!  He now has yet another ear infection and his doctor said one more and we go to an ENT and talk tubes so guess where we’re headed?  All of this means I’m on my way down to Phoenix today and will have to stay the week to get him into the doctor.  That’s going to be fun for me as my energy levels have dropped off again and it’s time for me to go have bloodwork to see where my iron levels are… 

So I’m TIRED!  Big time… but we’re okay…  time is going quickly and we’re enjoying our time here in the north with my mom and dad.  The weather is starting to cool and things are in the works! 

Keep Ryan in your prayers if you think of him… things are a bit hairy where he is at the moment. 

That’s about it and my reason for not being here much.  I’m trying desperately to keep up with you though I haven’t a moment to comment…

All my love,