Unscheduled Program Interuption…

I was doing so good there for a while.  Posts a few times a week… commenting on everyone’s posts even if it was a day or two late…  I was really enjoying being back into Xanga and all that entails. 

And then this week happened.

I have been forced to take an unexpected and unplanned Xanga hiatus.  I don’t know when it will end… but it will!

There is a superstition among military wives that says that when your husband deploys anything that can go wrong WILL!  It’s true…  his last deployment proved true… HERE… and this one is shaping up to prove it as well.

Quick run down. 

Isaac has a double ear infection.  I found out Monday but for days before that (if not a week) he wasn’t sleeping, he was super fussy, and started hitting.  I chalked it up to Ryan being gone and just set out to survive it…  Then Friday afternoon he stared tugging at his ears.  Unfortunately the medical world closes up shop at about 3pm on Friday around here… I called at 7am on Monday.  He’s now on meds but struggling to get them down (I’m running over to the pharmacy when he wakes up to see if they can flavor it a little more so it goes down a bit easier.) I’m hoping he’s on the mend and life can get back to normal…

Spock had a lump on his shoulder from his chip implant when we first got him.  It’s been getting bigger slowly but this past few weeks it’s just exploded and last week I noticed some hair loss on the area and that he was starting to be bothered by it.  I took him in on Monday after Isaac’s appointment and in a lighting fast moment… My dog was having emergency surgery to remove his tumor and would have to overnight at the clinic.  $224.68 later he’s back home on antibiotics and mending well.

Last night at midnight Isaac woke up screaming.  I ran in there with a bottle of milk and left the door open.  Spock snuck down the hall and out his doggy door… About three minutes later I smelled something I am WAY more familiar with than I want to me.  I grabbed the baby and ran down the hall just in time to head him off from getting back in the house.  He had gotten SKUNKED!  I got Isaac to go back to sleep and chose to just leave Spock out for the night because the skunk was still in the yard and I was not going out there and getting skunked myself!

So I was up at the crack of dawn washing my dog… Today I have to clean the house from stem to stern and try to get this stench out of here because I have about 10 hours before my mom and dad roll into town! 

They will be here for three or four days and then we are loading up and leaving for Phoenix and then Prescott Arizona.  I’ll be glad to say goodbye to Del Rio for the next 5 months but sad to leave the friends I’ve finally made and the church I love behind.  Life is going to be crazy for the next few weeks so I don’t know exactly how long this hiatus will last… but I will be back!!!



8 thoughts on “Unscheduled Program Interuption…

  1. Oh my gosh!  Girl, you are really being challenged!  Luckily you are strong enough to withstand any test thrown your way.  We’ll miss you ’til we see you again.  Be safe!  xxoo

  2. Ok, I know I am wicked, but you are so funny! When it rains in your world, it always pours! Long periods of draught followed by brief, but dramatically intense micro bursts! Much like Arizona. Speaking of Arizona…can’t wait to see you. Thanks for being my mirror today, you helped me clarify some things as you know. Call me when you get to town. I don’t go back to work until the 9th of August, and I will be mad at you if we don’t get some time together before then. Oh wait, what did I say? Call me? Seems to be a theme with me, huh? My bad…As for Spock…I’m with Ryan. Leave the gate open……

  3. You certainly have a valid reason for not being available to be on Xanga for a few weeks.  Hope your son is soon back to normal.  Those ear infections are so painful when the child is too  young to tell  you what is wrong.  My son got an infection, tugged at his ears and cried.  Of Course, when I got him to the doctor; he seemed just fine.  But the dr. prescribed some medication as he knew it would flare up once again…and it did.  All that kept him calm was playing a little Fisher Price radio song over and over and over and over…..Good luck on the trip to Arizona….

  4. Holey Moley, you’ve had it hard. How’s Isaac feeling these days? I’m glad Steve and I are keeping you in prayer!!! I’m so glad they caught the tumor in Spock. Reminds me too much of Frodo’s ordeal with the tumor, but your surgery cost 2x what ours did. I smelled skunk on the air last night and had flashbacks to Del Rio’s regular skunking of our dogs. I hope the smell came out fast. Tell your parents I say hello.And take all the time you need. Real life trumps Xanga every time.

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