The Koffee Klatch Challenge #2

The_Koffee_Klatch  challenge #2

Write a letter to your first love

You don’t have to name names, although feel free if you want to!   And it doesn’t have to be a person…for all we know, your first love was ice cream!  Just take it where ever you want it to go, we’ll read it!

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I only had to think about this for a micro second.  I then stopped and thought long and hard, was this the direction I wanted to take? It turns out that the micro second was plenty of time. 

I am well aware that this is going to sound sappy and idealistic… It’s also going to sound like I’m a naive baby that hasn’t lived any real life…  Oh I have… I truly have…  However in this area of my life I do have a blessing… or at least I choose to make it one!

So without further ado…

My love story is a fairytale in motion…  My first love was and is the man I married… though he wasn’t exactly a man back then!


Dear Ryan Laube,

I’m seven and I have lost my heart to you completely…   I have known you my whole life and tonight at church you stole my heart with a comment about the wedding we would have one day.  I can’t wait to marry you and live happily ever after.

I’m thirteen and you still hold my heart.  There has never been anyone else and my heart is breaking.  My family is leaving the church and I won’t see you anymore.  Don’t forget me?

I’m 17 and dating a great guy.  You are here and I see you across the room, just back from basic training standing proud in your dress blues, and in this moment I know that if you would just smile at me and hold out your hand like you did all those years ago I would walk away from him forever to be by your side.   But you don’t.

I’m 19…  He’s gone and my heart is broken… I’ve never forgotten you but you’ve been so far out of reach for so long that when we are thrown together unexpectedly the sight of you sends a shock into my very soul.  In that moment I know that I am yours and you are mine… even if you don’t yet.   I can’t wait to marry you and live happily ever after.


Later that year I did marry you… I walked down the aisle with my eyes fixed on yours and we ran boldly into the future together…


It’s been 11 years and I’ve never looked back.  It is a blessing I do not take lightly to be living my happily ever after with you.  Our life together is beautiful and though it has had moments of pain and tragedy and times of not so ‘happily ever after’ I wouldn’t’t change a thing.  I would not miss a moment we have had together or a moment of our life to come…

Eleven years have passed since the day we married… 23 years have passed since the day I knew you would be the boy I loved forever.  I’m still that girl…


you’re still that boy…


and yet we are so much more… with a boy of our own.

Ryan & Courtney-61

You are far away from me today as I sit and write this letter. 


It will be a long while before I see your face again… and yet I know that just as our love survived all the little separations of our youth and all the separations that have come in the years in between, it will survive this one… and grow.

Ryan & Courtney-24

You hold my heart as you always have. 

Ryan & Courtney-46  

From your first love,

Courtney Laube



10 thoughts on “The Koffee Klatch Challenge #2

  1. This is a story I never get tired of hearing. I love this man of yours, and this child of yours and you. I Love you. Miss you kiddo, can’t wait to see you.

  2. “a naive baby that hasn’t lived any sort of real life”..?  Really?  I don’t believe that for one second.  What I do believe is that you HAVE something that the rest of us wish we had…a true love from the beginning.  I love this entry Courtney!  I’m lucky to know a few of the details in between and honestly, you are truly blessed with this union!  Well, just by looking at your darling baby boy you can tell how perfect this union is!  

  3. Obviously you knew from the moment you met him that he was your one true love.  I’m so glad you were able to find each other over the years and to marry and have a beautiful son.  I met my husband when I was 15 but I didn’t know he was my true love as quickly as you knew about yours.

  4. Courtney, that letter was so beautiful. It reached to the depths of my heart and truly moved me. I’m in tears, because the love you and Ryan share is so beautiful and so rare. It’s amazing to see. Praying the Lord protects you both and guards your hearts as you’re apart. Like you said, that love will only grow as you’re apart this time as with the others. Love you so much!

  5. I love how you wrote it from the point of view of each age, as if those moments were touchstones along the way to your life today. We’re praying for you guys in this separation.

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