He’s gone… and my dog almost died today!

He’s gone… I’m sure you guessed from some of the things I’ve said here and there.  No happily married woman with her husband home beside her sits around and watches House Hunters International and sappy romance movies into the wee small hours…  But I believe strongly in OPSEC and so I couldn’t say anything… Today I can.

I just received a message from Ryan (I was changing Isaac’s diaper and missed his call) and he has reached his final destination.  All I can tell you is that he’s now in Afghanistan and that it will be some time before he has access to regular communication.  That’s pretty much all I can tell you… that’s pretty much all I’ll ever be able to say…  The next thing you’ll hear from me on this subject will probably be the news that he’s home sometime around 6-7 months from now.  I can say that I crave your prayers for his protection over the next six months.  He’s not safe… but he’s in God’s hands…

This means that Isaac and I are getting ready to move back home to Phoenix.  I have a few more treatments and then I’m free to go.  As it now stands my Mom and Dad will arrive on the 21st and spend a few days helping me get everything in order to leave for six months and then I’ll be off.  We will spend a day or two in Phoenix and then we’ll be off for the cabin in Prescott where I will spend the majority of my time.  (Don’t worry family I’m going to come down for extended weekends so that I have time to spend with everyone!)  It should be a nice experience for Isaac and I.  The weather there is much cooler and there are a lot of fun things to do outdoors which will be so good for Isaac.  I’m excited!

Now a fun story about Spock to make this email a little more interesting….

Spock almost died today.  My father would have been “In Search of Spock” (har har) when he arrived here in a few weeks because this dog was almost buried out in the desert somewhere…  Don’t worry I’ve cooled down but it was a near miss…  (Okay okay not really I love him too much but goodness was I mad!)

I woke up at 6am and took my shower… as I do every morning.  I then went about my day and did my chores, had my breakfast, and spent some time online.  Isaac slept in so I got a few more chores in and on my rounds happened to peek into the guest room.

Now let me take a moment to say that a few weeks ago my guest room was the black hole of my home.  Everything I didn’t have time to deal with was thrown in there along with tons of debris from Ryan’s deployment preparations… in fact I have a picture!


It gives me heart palpitations just looking at this picture… BUT over the past few weeks I slowly and steadily cleared it out.  Everything got taken care of and put in it’s place and in the week since Ryan has been gone it has become it’s perfect beautiful welcoming self. 

Two days ago I washed the sheets and remade the bed, fluffed up the pillows and got everything ready for mom and dad to be here in a little while… 

Okay back to this morning…

I peeked into the guest room and almost screamed! 

The animal that inhabits my home had ripped open two bed pillows and thrown the stuffing everywhere… thank heaven I don’t have feather pillows… He tore the blanket to shreds and pulled off all the sheets… He piled most of this mess in the dead center of the guest bed and then proceeded to PEE ALL OVER THE MESS!

After my vision came back from red I started to clean up the mess and found that the pee had not only saturated the mess but had also gone through the (supposedly) waterproof mattress pad and into the very expensive Temperpedic foam mattress topper!!!!  I clenched my jaw and set about cleaning that as well… then I pulled it back only to find that the pee had soaked through the topper and into the mattress!!!

Yes the dog is alive… I hope I got the guest bed cleaned and will take the next few weeks to air it out and hope for the best… and again… yes the dog is alive.

Have I told you lately just how much I hate puppies?

Okay “funny” story over… keep Ryan in your prayers and I’ll let you know what I can when I can. 



12 thoughts on “He’s gone… and my dog almost died today!

  1. Are you absolutely positive the dog is alive! Wow, Spock, wow. Talk about acting out!!!!! If I wasn’t snickering about this, and yes, I am snickering…hey, I don’t have to clean it up!…I could almost feel sorry for the little guy. He must be suffering from seperation anxiety almost as much as you and Isaac. But still…wow. Just wow!

  2. @sulimb – Now that you put it like that… No… nope… sorry still seeing red!  LOL  Yeah Ryan does most of the playing with the two of them while I make dinner and do chores so I’m a whirlwind during Isaac’s naptime now to get everything done and I’m afraid poor Spock is a little neglected… but I still am seeing red at the corners…

  3. @fallensparrow – And I don’t blame you a bit! I remember when a certain dog ate a certain, VITAL part of my identity, and how close he came to being unalive! No explanation necessary! But, can I just say, I too found the humor after awhile. And I have to admit, his execution was flawless. In the exact middle of the bed, enough saved up pee to go ALL the way through to the mattress? Both pillows? And the blanket? Dang, that dogs got skillz! Ok, ducking and running now….!

  4. @sulimb – OH MY WORD!  I completely forgot about that… I’m laughing my butt off now and tears are streaming down my face.  Yes I do remember and I distinctly remember the fear I felt for that certain someone… Thanks for that!  Oh where would we be without them?

  5. @fallensparrow – We would be lonelier and somewhat diminished. Keep that in mind missy! Love love love that I could help you laugh!  And now, you’ll never guess what I’m about to do. I am going to attempt, my very first, from scratch crust and all, Apple Pie! Wish me luck!  I’ll come back later and let you know how it turned out. Love you

  6. Hey thanks for the update on Ryan!  You are all definitely in my prayers!Oh.my.goodness.  I am SO glad that was your dog and not mine!  My dog probably would have been taking a hike!  Lol.  Ohhhhhhh… bless you for having to clean all of that up!!

  7. Wow. This is why I don’t like puppies too. Also why, no matter how much our children beg, we will not be bringing another animal into this house until our new baby is at least a year old. I hope everything airs out okay! 

  8. I pray for all the troops and their families, but I’ll put an little extra “oomph” on the ones I know for real, so there you go.Little Spock…his world is turned upside down, too…and he has no idea why.  I know it was a big mess for you to clean up, but he’s still just a bambino.  I hope you get un-mad at him soon. 

  9. RYAN AND YOU will be in my thoughts and prayers…that he’ll come home to his family safe and sound.GOD BLESS YOU AND TAKE CARE OF YOU ALL.  And the puppy, if it’s still around!!!!!RITA

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