A Vision of Lucy by Margaret Brownley

A Vision of Lucy


by Margaret Brownley

Lucy is a woman ahead of her time!  She lives and breaths photography and wants to make it her profession. Not an easy task for a woman in 1882, but she is determined because photography is her art.  Unfortunately Lucy is prone to trouble and just keeps landing in hot water over and over again.  When she literally drops in on a stage robbery her life is forever changed.  She meets David Wolf, a man who lives between two worlds and has a haunted past that he is trying to catch up with.  Will Lucy be able to help David see beyond the scars of his past?  Will David see Lucy for who she really is? 

This book started out slow for me.  I just couldn’t get into it but kept going because I don’t like to leave a book unfinished.  I’m glad I persevered.  This turned out to be such an interesting read!  I learned some very interesting things about early photography that make me treasure my beloved point and shoot and genuinely appreciate the difficulty of what Lucy aspires to be.  The plot was interesting and after the initial lag it kept me interested.  The characters were believable and their struggles real and poignant.  I also appreciated the way that the characters worked through their relationships with God as they moved through life. 

Overall this was an intriguing book.  I recommend it if you are interested in early photography or if you just want a decent story to keep you company and get you thinking.


3 thoughts on “A Vision of Lucy by Margaret Brownley

  1. Great write-up! Is this a book you picked up for fun, or is this one you were asked to review? I bet it gives a great appreciation for the evolution of camera technology. Steve wrote a paper on cameras in space for one of his Masters classes. I loved editing it for him because I learned so much.

  2. @BigToePeople – Kris I am a member of Booksneeze (which you should look into) which is a blog reviewer branch of Thomas Nelson publishers.  They release new books every Wednesday and I’m talking from study Bibles all the way down to kids books that they give away for free either in actual book form or on ebook and the only requirment is that you review the books before you request another!  It has been an awesome way to find new christian authors and expand my horizons a bit! 

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