One Picture of Myself!

The time has come to post the very last part of this challenge.  I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this, oh how I have missed blogging!


One picture of me?  Are you kidding?  I’m a narcissist for Pete’s sake!  Oh, probably should have gone in my 10 secrets post…  Kidding kidding…

Without further ado… one picture of me!

 Ryan & Courtney-73sep

I have to tell you the story that goes with this picture!

I was in Phoenix during the Royal Wedding event.  The day before it took place my mother and I were in Burlington Coat Factory which happens to have a fantastic selection of hats.  We walked by the hat section to find two women trying on every oversized, silly, feather, beribboned hat in the place!  We stood and gawked at the display and were appalled when we were caught.  One of the women turned in a blue concoction and instead of glaring at us for staring she struck a pose and asked us how she looked! We were a bit taken aback but gave our opinion politely…  She then giggled and asked us if we were attending the Royal Wedding party?

Oh!  That explains it! 

So we got in on the fun and started trying on hats too.  There were silly hats and beautiful hats… satin and straw… ribbons and lace…  You name it and it was there!  We had a wonderful time… 

Then I turned and I saw this hat.

It practically called my name from the top shelf and I just had to try it on.  I don’t know what it is about it that calls to me… but it does!

They told me that it was the perfect hat… I peeked at the price tag and reluctantly replaced it on it’s tippy top shelf.

Later that night Ryan and I had to stop by Burlington to buy something for Isaac and it seemed like fate… because I had not stopped thinking about the hat all day!  I asked Ryan if he wanted to see it and he was game.  Imagine our surprise when we stopped at the edge of the hat section to see a sea of women trying on hats!  There had to be at least 20 women trying on every hat in the place all giggling and posing and outright guffawing!  We plunged into the maelstrom and I frantically searched for my hat! 

I was convinced that it was gone when a small pile toppled and revealed my hat… still sitting where I had left it…  I ran over with a small cry and plucked it from the shelf… put it on my head and turned to face my husband.

What happened next was nothing short of massive peer pressure!

Easily half of the women let out little gasps and cries. 

“Oh honey that is YOUR hat!” 

“Sweetheart you must have that for your own!” 

“Darlin’ that hat was made for you!”

and so on until my whole body was blushing… One elderly lady came up to me and said,

“Honey you need to buy that hat… you look like you should be walking the streets of 1940’s Paris with a movie star dress on and a dandy on your arm.  It’s fantastic and it just captures your spirit.” 

I was so taken aback and she and I plunged into talk of our travels… She lived in England way back when and we talked of Europe and travel of love and of the romance of places.  Then she squeezed my arm and said,

“Are you going to buy the hat honey?  Because I have to tell you that my best friend took a fancy to that hat last week and after much debate she left it here… I would love to let her know that a young woman who’s heart lives in Paris bought her hat!”

What could I say?

I am now the proud owner of a champagne satin hat that cost me a steeply discounted $40. 

Do you know why I chose this picture?  Because it’s me to the core…  There I am… a modern day 30 year old mother who lives with one foot in America and one foot in other places who will own a hat that I’ll probably never wear because one old lady was right… It captures my spirit…

Ryan & Courtney-73sep



6 thoughts on “One Picture of Myself!

  1. I saw the whole thing in my mind. I would have loved to have seen you and my sister trying on those silly hats! Yep, it’s you alright. Great job kiddo!

  2. You are the cutest lady!!! I Loved reading that story 🙂 It made me laugh, I LOVE trying on hats!! LOL I also love the thought of so many women dressing up & having fun, that is totally my scene haha. And what a sweet old lady! Cute cute cute pic!! 

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