Here we go again…

A few months ago I wrote about having some blood work done.  The results are in and the verdict is…

Perhaps I should give you a little back story first. 

I have been anemic for as long as I’ve been getting blood tests… I have never been able to donate blood no matter how often I have tried.  No one has ever cared to test farther… it is always chalked up to not enough red meat, being a girl, and a thousand other little things… but the fact remains that it has been a running theme throughout my life. 

Fast forward to 2004 when I had my Ruen-Y Gastric bypass.  I was, of course, anemic when the surgery was done buy hey I probably just had low energy from the liquid diet of the two previous weeks.  I was told that because my surgery was a malabsorption surgery I would have low energy for the rest of my life.  When I weighed the thought of being dead by the time I was 30 against being a low energy person for the rest of my life there really was no contest.

Then I got pregnant in 2007.  I HIT THE DECK.  I couldn’t stay awake more than a few hours at a time.  I couldn’t function…  When I lost the baby it took me 6 weeks to recover enough to leave the house.  I thought it was a mental thing… (though I didn’t feel depressed, just sad) now I’m not so sure.  I couldn’t leave the house because I was SO TIRED! 

Then I got pregnant with Isaac and it started all over again… It was that way for my entire pregnancy… I was sick and absolutely exhausted.  About 3 months into the pregnancy I got a call from my doctor’s office telling me that I was severely anemic.  They put me on a super duper strong Iron supplement, pretty much the most potent you can take and sent me on my way.  I was not checked again.  The pregnancy progressed normally and Isaac was born a full month early on May 09, 2010.  It was months before I was back up to about half energy again and I just chalked that up to lack of sleep.

When Isaac was six months old it started getting worse.  By the time he was ten months old I could barely function and felt like I needed about 15 hours of sleep a day and he was sleeping through the night.  So I finally went in… 

Months of blood work and going back and forth to the lab and the verdict is FINALLY in.  I have a severe case of Iron Deficiency Anemia.  It’s something that is fairly common as in 20% of woman have this during pregnancy ect.  The only problem is that mine is complicated by my surgery.  Usually if you have this the only thing it affects it that your body won’t store any iron but you’ll have functional iron (the iron you absorb through your diet) to take care of your body’s needs.  I don’t absorb any.  They said there is virtually no iron in my blood…  So

Feeling cold all the time
Muscle weakness
Failure to develop muscle tone (this one has made carrying my increasingly heavy child quite painful!)
Shortness of breath
Muscle aches and spasms
… and a dozen other things…


Because of my specific issues the only course of action since, supplements do not work for me (read that I took that supplement for almost two years with no effect and it’s the strongest you can take) is to have IV Iron infusions once a week for six weeks.  Then they will retest me and decide on a further course of action. 

So I will now have a lifelong relationship with a Hematologist/Oncologist. YIPPEE! 

The good news is that this should fix me.  I should feel normal for the first time in my life.  I can’t imagine what it will be like to actually WANT to exercise… or walk… or run… 

So I’m off this morning for my first treatment… I’ll keep you updated!

All my love,



8 thoughts on “Here we go again…

  1. Oh, girl!!  I guess I never realized you had such trouble with this–I’m so sorry this has been such an issue for you.  But I am so glad they are going to try the iron infusions–I hope you feel GREAT afterwards!!!    I have always been borderline anemic and have been discouraged from giving blood for this reason.  I also have super low blood pressure, so I feel draggy a lot because of the combination of the two.  I recently got back on iron supplements and a b12 vitamin and it has greatly improved my dizziness/draggy feeling/fainting. I can’t imagine dealing with all of that and not having any results from regular supplements–bless your heart!!!  I really hope you see quick results!  It’s hard to be a mama and feel poorly. 

  2. I was anemic after I had TQ…they gave me those iron pills…I’ve been anemic most of my life, although not as severely as you!  I bruise very easily too…those pills…YIKES, they were no fun!  I took them, but I wasn’t happy about it!  I grew up eating liver at least once a month….you see, my mother was anemic after her pregnancies too and they perscribed liver for 3 meals a day for her!  I’m glad they have a treatment for it for you though honey!OH….This is Jeri_Dee!  I wanted to let you know  that I set up this new blog ring so if your interested, you might want to come by and sub to it!  Take care honey!

  3. I’m gald they figured out what was wrong! šŸ™‚ My mom has the same issue since having the bypass done, and has done tones better since the IV sessions. Good luck!!

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