5 Foods

This challenge was HARD!  I love food… I have been so many places… Eaten the foods of a dozen countries… How do I pick five?


Five foods

1. Pizza.  I LOVE pizza.  The hardest thing I have ever had to do was give up cheese to nurse my son.  I love all things cheese, I’m a cheese snob, but there is nothing in all the world like dough covered in sauce and smothered in cheese!  NOTHING!  I like pretty much any pizza but if I could choose any it would be Sardella’s pepperoni.  Yep that’s the stuff dreams are made of right there!

2. A shredded beef and green chili chimichanga from Carlos O’Brien’s in Phoenix, Az.  There are two now so I’ll even specify that it really needs to be the one at 11th street and Northern.  I’ve been going to this restaurant since I was a little girl after church on Sundays with my grandparents.  As I grew up the visits were less frequent but we never stopped going all together.  Now it’s a place to go on special occasions and I haven’t gotten anything else off the menu since I was about 13.  Don’t mess with a good thing!

Time to take a trip back to Germany

3. Home made chicken noodle soup with pumpernickel bread. I spent my entire childhood and most of my adult life hating chicken noodle soup. It just never hit the spot for me! When we moved to Germany in 2006 and discovered The Landhaus Biehl all of that changed. Nichole begins every meal with a bowl of her chicken noodle soup and I’ve come to crave it when I’m sick or just needing some good old fashion comfort food. As I can’t afford to hop on a plane and go get a bowl whenever I have a hankerin’ I have learned to make my own and it’s fantastic! (If I do say so myself!)

4. Jagerschneitzel… Nichole style.  She takes a prime piece of pork, tenderizes it, breads it, fries it and then covers it in the Jagger gravy and sauteed mushrooms…  There are no words to describe just how wonderful this stuff is… it is an instant comfort food that forever holds a place in my heart… err… stomach.  Unfortunately it’s another thing I can’t get easily and not something I can replicate.

 Now it’s time to travel just a short hop skip and a jump west into the city of Paris.

5. Doner Kebab mit fritas on the banks of the River Seine.  This is wrap consisting of slow cooked chicken, pork, or lamb shaved thin and wrapped in a turkish pizza along with a salad of cabbage, tomatoes, and onions, tzatziki sauce and french fries.  It was one of the best things I ever ate.  Maybe walking the streets of Paris for hours made it taste better or maybe it was just made of pure awesome… Whatever the case I NEED to have one again someday!

That took me two hours.  I’m serious… It was so hard to only pick five!



3 thoughts on “5 Foods

  1. This was fun to read!I never really liked pizza until I tried Armand’s Chicago Pizza in Olde Towne Alexandria in Virginia. I still continued to not like “normal” pizza. Not that I hated it, but it just wasn’t something to get excited about. It was something to put up with if others chose to have a pizza night. Then, just before we left Albuquerque a few months ago, a friend wanted to go out for her birthday and chose this pizza place called Farina’s. We had a goat cheese and leek pizza with truffle oil. OH. MY. GOD, that was good stuff! I guess I just need foodie toppings. We have a place here in Clovis that makes fresh pizza and you take it home and bake it…this veggie one has artichokes all over it and I can get excited about that one too!I’m with you on Doner Kabob. Yum. Though I have yet to go to Paris.

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