7 Wants

First of all I would like to say that I have discovered future posting. How did I not know about this? Future posting makes blogging doable for me! I still can’t promise to be around all the time but this means I can take advantage of any random free time! HUZZAH!

Okay on to day seven of this challenge!


Seven Wants


These are in no particular order.

1. A big kitchen. 

I have never lived in a home with a large kitchen. That includes the home I grew up in. I have always had a postage stamp apartment kitchen or a galley kitchen. I LOVE to cook and have always dreamed of having a gourmet kitchen complete with a pot filler, a professional gas stove, double ovens, granite counter tops, a sub zero fridge and a walk in pantry. I daydream of spending countless hours baking and cooking in my beautiful kitchen while Isaac sits at the table with his homework… I’ll settle for far less than this but eventually I would like to at least have a nice kitchen instead of this endless procession of horribly small, no storage space, OLD kitchens.


2. I want to see Egypt. 

I have been fascinated with the land of the Pharaohs since I was a small girl. My favorite series of books are set in victorian Egypt. I love to live the adventures of discovery that took place there in the 1800’s. I would love to see the sights I have read about all of my life. It’s a big dream of mine!


3. A vacation home in Paris. 

I LOVE Paris. The three short trips I was able to take while I lived in Germany completely won my heart over. The people were fantastic, the city is beautiful, the atmosphere is amazing and something about the pace and rhythm of the city just completely synched with me. Ryan felt the same way… I would love the opportunity to visit a few times a year and have a home to stay in instead of a hotel room… (Hey this is all about wants not possibilities!)


4. I want to visit Israel. 

Ryan went a few years ago on a TDY and he loved it. He walked in the footsteps of our savior. I would love to have the same opportunity. It’s another lifelong dream.


5. I want to move back to Europe at least once. 

We loved it there. I want to go back… to see what we didn’t see… to see things again through new and more grateful eyes… to just experience that lifestyle again… I LOVED it and I want to go back!


6. I want to show my son the world. 

Ryan and I both grew up in Phoenix in the same church. We have friends in our lives that we’ve had since birth and family in spades. We can’t give Isaac that kind of stability because we are Air Force. Something will always be changing in his life… his home, his friends, his school, EVERYTHING. If I can’t give him the stability that I was raised in then I want to give him the world. I want him to see and experience everywhere he possibly can. I want to make the very best of this lifestyle!


7. I want a daughter. 

There I said it. Ryan and I aren’t going to TRY again to have another child. After 9 years of infertility I’m not starting down that road again… However we are not preventing and we hope. I would love to have a little girl. I would love for Isaac to be a big brother. I would love for Ryan to walk his daughter down the aisle someday. I would love to have a little girl to pass down my pottery to. I will be happy with whatever God ordains for our lives but I WANT a daughter! 🙂


This one was fun! Who doesn’t like to wish without restraint?



9 thoughts on “7 Wants

  1. I’m glad you liked Paris, because I did not while I was there.  Of course, I went two months after we invaded Iraq and we all know the French weren’t fans of Americans then – especially snotty American teenagers.  But the sites were incredible … especially the top of the Eiffel Tower at sunset!!I want you to move back to Europe too .. so I have somewhere AWESOME to visit, and not just Del Rio, TX. hahahahI so want you to have another miracle baby .. Hey, God “did” Isaac. He can certainly give you your daughter!Love you!

  2. I wish all of these things for you! I’d love to travel overseas. I haven’t ever had that chance, and I’m not sure I ever will but one can hope right? Oh I so hope God blesses you two with another miracle baby. You’re both incredible parents and I think it’d be such an awesome experience for you to have a daughter. Love you!

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