8 Fears


Eight Fears

1. Blindness.  I have long been impressed with the design of the eye.  God truly created an amazing instrument with which to show us this world… however I have long (for almost the same amount of time) believed that He didn’t give enough thought to it’s protection.  It freaks me out to think of all the things that could happen to your eye!  I would give you some examples but writing them out would literally send me into a panic!

2. Cockroaches.  *SHUDDER*  I think that they might have been cast out of heaven along with the fallen angels and not even that plummet could wipe them out.  They disgust me so much I can’t even look at them.  They are the one bug that I will run screaming away from and go get Ryan to kill.  I feel almost the same way about pigeons and lobsters.  GAG!

3. Not being there in time if someone I love dies.  It has been one of my fears since I was a little kid that someone I loved would be sick and dying and I wouldn’t get there in time to say goodbye… to let them know how much they mean to me.  This has actually happened to me… when my Grandpa Don died in 2004.  I was at the hospital about 15 minutes after he breathed his last. 

4. Raw chicken.  I struggle hardcore with raw chicken.  I’m a freak about the germs and over disinfect my kitchen after I’ve finished handling it.  I can’t stomach the thought of the germs… any commercial that has to do with raw chicken prep sends me over the edge and the cooking channel kills me when they handle it and then just wipe their hands off on a rag.  By the time I’m done cooking chicken my hands are red from washing them over and over!

5. Going bald.  I have a funny shaped head… I love my hair… the two put together make me scared to death to ever get bald.  I used to have nightmares about getting chemo on accident and all my hair falling out.

6. Bedbugs.  An infestation of something in your bed with you that bites you while you sleep.  NOPE… I don’t think that needs any more explanation. 

7.Going overseas and then getting Del Rio AGAIN when we come back to the states.  Seriously not something I like to think is a possibility but it’s happened before to others!

8. Breaking the rules… because seriously… “If you break the rules God help you fool you’ve got Mr. T to fear!”

Okay so most of those were a little flippant.  I wish that fears had been down on the list at like 2 or 3.  I take the Bible very seriously about not living in worry and fear.  I simply do not live in fear.  When things try to worm their way in I push them right back out.  There is a lot in my life I could be afraid of and I chose not to be so this part of the challenge was a bit of a loss for me!



4 thoughts on “8 Fears

  1. 4,5, & 6 are my fears, too!!!  you should see my hands after handling chicken.  i wash repeatedly.  the fear of bed bugs keeps me from sleeping well when we travel. also, i have had nightmares about going bald, also!!  i’m get freaked if i see too many hairs on the floor after blow drying each day!

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