9 loves


Nine Loves


Lord there is none like you
All of my days
I want to praise
The wonders of your mighty love

My comfort, my shelter
Tower of refuge and strength
Let every breath, all that i am
Never cease to worship you

Shout to the Lord all the earth let us sing
Power and majesty praise to the King
Mountains bow down and the seas will roar
At the sound of Your Name

My Lord and savior Jesus Christ is the number one love of my life.  I have and never will doubt my love for or my faith in Jesus.  Call me saved call me brainwashed call me crazy call me blessed… no matter what you call it… I am redeemed and forgiven… I am bought with the blood of Christ and I am cherished…  the hairs on my head are numbered and my tears are stored in heaven.


He is my husband, my partner, my best friend, my childhood sweetheart, my hero, nothing more and a thousand things more!  We’ve known each other since the day I was born… I’ve loved him since I was 7 and we’ve been married almost 11 wonderful years.  I can’t imagine my life without him in it.


I don’t know if there are words for how much I love my son.  Nine long years of waiting… countless moments of despair and hopelessness… three angels in heaven… and then he came.  He rocked my world… in every way.  He is a gift and a great responsibility… I dedicate my life to raising him to be a man of integrity, honor and courage.  A man who loves God with all his heart…  That’s how much I love him… and it still doesn’t even come close to what’s in my heart for this little man of mine.


I have this wonderful, large, and crazy family.  They are a group of people I can just BE with, pray with, laugh with, stay up all night talking with… They are my heart and they keep me going when I’m a world away.  I am abundantly blessed.

5. YOU

I travel the world and you’re right here when I log on.  No matter what time of day, no matter where I am, no matter how I’m dressed, wether I’m wearing makeup, no matter if I’m fat or thin… You are with me through it all.  You encourage me, counsel me, check up on me, pray with me and stay by my side even when I’m not around much.  I have been so blessed with you.


I know they are gone now but though the memories may fade I’ll never forget.  God gave me two amazing companions in my boys.  They walked the world with me, tails wagging all the way and were forever faithful.  Oh how I loved them… Oh how I miss them.  I fully believe that they are waiting for me in heaven… just waiting for the moment when we can run and play again and I can’t wait to see them whole and healthy running with the angels.


I know that sounds cheesy but it’s the truth.  I love what this country was built on… the principals and standards.  I love what it stands for in the dark of this world.  I love what it strives and hopes to be despite the dark place we are in now… I love that no matter the politics, corruption and hopelessness that is all that is visible at time America is not those things.  It is the little boy saluting a soldier in Walmart, it is the playground full of young children stopping play to put their hands over their hearts for the National anthem, it is a mother taking her children to church three times a week, a father reading the Christmas story on Christmas Eve for his family, it is a 32 year old mother of 3 and a 65 year old black man chatting in line as they wait for their turn to vote on election day, it is a child choosing what they want to be from a list consisting of; a fireman, an astronaut, a pilot, a truck driver and a princess because they were taught that they can be anything!  We take all those things for granted but they are not available most of the world over… WE ARE BLESSED!


We moved to Germany in the summer of 2006.  As far as I’m concerned we don’t ever have to stop moving… I love seeing the world… I love living somewhere new… I love car trips and train trips, plane trips and boat trips.  I can’t wait for my next adventure!


I love to cook.  I love to make up something new, pull out something tried and true, wow my family with exotic spices or just lull them into easy conversation with comfort food.  I love to show the people in my life how much they mean to me with a good meal.  Nothing opens up conversation in my family better than the dinner table… It’s my way of saying how much I care.  All that said… I love the act of cooking… the rush of creating, the adventure of trying something new, the flow and beauty of the colors and ingredients… it’s a passion of mine.  Plus I just LOVE food!  🙂

Until another day! 



5 thoughts on “9 loves

  1. This post is why I love you Courtney….and why I keep coming back to check up on you from time to time….you are always so positive and uplifting…you are a true woman of faith and I admire that very much….my BFF is also a true woman of faith and I’ve known her and loved her since we were both children ( 9 and 10 respectively as she is a few months older!).  I tried to do a post with the subjects you started here but it wouldn’t save!  Grrr!  I’ll continue to try a bit later.  Hugs!

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