Only a moment…

I have but a moment to say hello.  Ryan is on his way home for lunch and Isaac is about done with his nap.  I had to steal Ryan’s computer to pop in as mine currently is suffering a serious illness and I haven’t the time to fix it.

I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be gone for a few weeks.  We are leaving tomorrow for Phoenix to celebrate Isaac’s first birthday (WHAT?) Ryan’s 31st birthday and for Ryan to say goodbye to the family before he leaves for Afghanistan.  I won’t have time to fix my computer before hand… so I’ll have my phone with which I can check facebook and email and we’ll have Ryan’s computer for work purposes but I’ll pretty much be out of touch for a while. 

I’m caught up on everyone though I didn’t have time to comment and I’ll try to check in…

I hope to be back up and running soon and until then take care! 

All my love,


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