Summer Days… driftin’ away… No this is not a musical!


I have a few minutes of nap time left so I wanted to write a quick update!  It’s SUMMER here in southern Texas… I think we might have skipped spring altogether…  We’ve been hitting high 80’s and 90’s since mid February and these past few weeks we’ve crossed the big 100 mark a few times.  IT IS HOT!

This weekend we hit the mid 90’s with humidity in the high 80 percentiles and we just had to introduce some good old fashioned summertime fun.

Isaac has a first word besides Mommy and Daddy and No… It’s… OUTSIDE!  He points at me then at the window or door and says “otside?”  Uh oh….  So this seemed like the perfect weekend for it.

Saturday we introduced Isaac to the sprinklers for the very first time.


He was so happy to just be outside…


Then he really got a look at the water…


And the fun began!


I can’t get it Mommy!


Give me that hose!


And he got it… and soaked us all!  LOL


This is the very best picture of all time! 


Let me at it…


Time to dry off… Hey Momma can I have the camera?




Sweet baby cuddles…


Then he got his stick… I leave it out in the yard for him to play with every afternoon… and it’s all fun and games until daddy loses and eye.  *SNORT*


He points at things with the stick and says… “Dis?”  (This?)


Hanging out on daddy’s lap…


Fishing with Daddy?  “Like dis daddy?”


I dropped it!


What’s that?


He makes this face when he concentrates… which is the same face I’ve always made… that I still make!  What a strange thing to see your expressions on your son’s face!


Beautiful boy…


Hey Momma!


Then on Sunday we went to Wal-mart and picked up a cheap kiddy pool.  If the sprinklers were a hit how would swimming be?


The pool is almost ready… “He Isaac is this a hat?”


And it’s a HIT!


This kid loves to be in the water… We were in for over an hour and he cried when we took him inside…


He loves to splash and jump… run around in his floaty… It was a blast… Other than the huge burns Ryan and I got!  OUCH!


I’m gonna get you!  Duh Duh… Duh Duh… Duh na na! JAWS!


In Isaac news… This is the part (please God) I will remember to delete before I send this on to friends and family in an email…  Isaac has completely weaned himself.  He nursed for the last time in a rare first thing in the morning session…  Then looked up at me, smiled, patted my cheek and said ‘Mommy’.  And he hasn’t nursed since.  He won’t tolerate it at all… I didn’t think I would be so emotional about it what with the major restrictions it’s placed on my diet ect over the past year (well I thought I would be emotional as in “PIZZA HUZZAH!) but I’m surprisingly very sad about it.  The one thing that’s come out of it is that he suddenly loves for me to cuddle him up and sing him to sleep.  That I could get used to. 

I’ll leave you with my new favorite picture of all time…  





7 thoughts on “Summer Days… driftin’ away… No this is not a musical!

  1. I can’t believe how hot it is down there already!  Although, I should since it was 80 in Michigan yesterday!  I was shocked when I walked outside in my jeans and t-shirt and was hit in the face with HOT weather!  In Michigan!  In April!  What on earth?!  I loved it…until we had to get in the jam-packed-full car and drive home without AC.  Not so much fun then.  Lol.  And now it is cool again today.  Anyhow….I’m so glad you have been taking full advantage of this hot weather!  I love that Isaac loves the outside so much already.  Sorry about your sunburns!  One of the kiddos in my class had a sunburn today after playing outside yesterday.I LOVED the pictures and captions.  Isaac’s expressions are hilarious!  I love that kid.  🙂  I love the cuddles picture and the last one.  Such sweet daddy-son moments captured!  Too funny that he soaked you two!  Hahaha!How bittersweet that he is done nursing now!  I’m so sorry.  😦  I’m glad he is all for cuddling still, though!  Now go eat some pizza! 

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