Only a moment…

I only have a moment but I wanted to do a very quick update…

We were not able to put Isaac in the CDC last week as we planned.  We called and they said to just bring him by and we could do the paperwork and everything right there… when we did just that they said their rooms were full and we needed to make reservations…  So it was an epic fail on their part and a less emotional day than planned on ours.  We were going to call and get him in this week and then teeth happened so we put it off.

Yes that’s right I said teeth.  Isaac got his bottom front teeth at four months and then nothing happened…  About two weeks ago I noticed a little swelling in his top gums and thought maybe his top two were finally going to make an appearance… Fast forward to this weekend and suddenly all FOUR top teeth are coming in… FAST… as in, where there were merely swollen gums two weeks ago there are two broken through teeth and two HUGE swollen tooth buds today.  This has made for some miserable nights for all three of us and one tired mommy.  In fact when I’m done here I’m going to go grab a cup of coffee…

Never mind… why wait?  Okay to finish this with coffee in hand!

I have a doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon to have my thyroid checked.  Thank you ladies!  I don’t know why in the world that had not occurred to me.  I have a history of hypothyroidism pre surgery and it is common after having a baby and I have all the signs.  So a huge DUH for me.  I’m really hoping this is it and I can get back to feeling a bit more normal…

That’s about it… My days are consumed with Isaac, laundry, cooking and cleaning…  I almost never watch movies or adult TV anymore and things in the family are calm for the moment… We leave in three weeks for Phoenix but other than that there is little excitement. What is there to talk about? 

I’ll try to visit if I have the time but for now I need to get some chores done while my kiddo sleeps!

All my love,


4 thoughts on “Only a moment…

  1. I hope it’s “just” your thyroid …. That’s easily fixed! Hoping Isaac’s little toofers pop through soon and sleep resumes in the Laube household!I’ve loved our chats lately .. I love YOU!!

  2. I hate to tell you this, but my son had even worse pain with his molars.  Those back ones breaking through will make you want to lose your mind.  We had some horrible nights.  It just means you need to make sure your coffee pot is ready for it!   

  3. @justcallmenina – Yeah I had that feeling… my sister is going through it with her son… I’m trying not to think about it because Ryan will be deployed most likely and I’ll be 100% on my own with no breaks after those sleepless nights with no help… gah….  Coffee will be my very best friend!

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