He looks like… US and other thoughts!

Good Morning!

Daylight savings time has taken effect.   Can I just tell you how much I hate spring forward?  Fall back is not so bad… you get an extra hour of sleep!  But Spring forward is the devil!

Yet another reason why I’m an Arizona kid all the way!

We had a bit of fun this weekend going through photos of Ryan and I as babies and comparing them to Isaac now.  We have come to the conclusion that our child is a total MUTT! 

He looks so much like Ryan.  When people see them together they always comment on how much he looks like his daddy.

Ryan couldn’t deny him if he tried!


This is one of Ryan’s baby pictures and I swear it could be Isaac!


But then he makes this face…  and suddenly he looks just like me!


I think it has to be the fat dimpled cheeks and the fact that he has my eyes. 



The weather here has been beautiful.  As in, low to mid 80’s!  We’ve definitely taken advantage of it and spent a lot of time outside!

Isaac loves the grass…


I mean LOVES it!


We go out most afternoons and wait for daddy to come home.


We spread out his blanket from Mimi under the huge oak tree by our house and play.


He loves to look up into the tree…


He’s getting to be such a big boy! 


He loves to be tossed and daddy is always happy to oblige!


These two were made for each other!


Isaac loves to watch the planes in the afternoon with daddy too.


Another new joy in his life are swings!  We discovered his love of them this past week and now make a point to go every day.


Look at that face!


Hey momma give me that camera!


He has also started riding shoulders!  So cute!


I love his baby rolls!


What a face!


He loves his daddy!  They are the best of buds…


In fact this weekend Ryan had some work to do on his bike and decided that Isaac wasn’t too young to learn.


Hmmmm… what’s this?


Can I eat it?


At the end of the day our busy bee turns into a cuddle bug… 

Captain Awesome!


I love his cape…


That’s about all the news from our part of the world.  We’re just enjoying the fine weather and each other! 

Not good…  It’s 9am and I need a nap… Darn you spring forward…




6 thoughts on “He looks like… US and other thoughts!

  1. I am still constantly amazed and so happy that you two finally have your sweet miracle! Isaac is just so precious!! Seeing you two with him just warms my heart so much!! I love the pictures! He does look an awful lot like Ryan, but there’s no denying the pieces of you he carries too! Those eyes are just gorgeous!Love you friend!

  2. So can I just say … that I cannot believe how grown up Isaac looks?!  Stop that, kid!  Also the picture of Ryan in uniform lifting Isaac up and baby is grinning big brought tears to my eyes!  That should seriously be submitted to a magazine or something!!I hope to someday know true love and happiness like yours friend.  You are an inspiration.Love you!

  3. I’m with you- I hate the spring forward.  I loved it when we moved to Indiana and they didn’t have daylight savings time.  Although it WAS a pain every time we traveled back and forth to MI, which was ALL the time since all of our family was there.  We gained and hour and lost an hour every single weekend- SO annoying.  But then IN had to go and hop on the bandwagon and take on Daylight Savings time, too.  Grr. Haha.Wow!  I had never noticed how much Isaac looks like you b/c I’ve always been so caught up in how much he looks like Ryan!  That is amazing!  He truly is a mixture of you both!I must admit that I was definitely crying, looking at the pictures of Isaac and Ryan.  The joy on Ryan’s face is just incredible.  I love how much Isaac loves his daddy.  I had to keep trying to blink away all the tears so I could actually see the pictures!  Those are real keepsakes for sure.  Thank you so much for sharing them.  I just sat here in awe at how God has finally blessed you two with your miracle baby.  Incredible.

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