Quick Catch Up!

It has been so long since I’ve had a chance to write… I truly do not know where the time goes and I miss being here so very much…  I just can’t make any promises these days.  So for now posts from me will be sporadic… I’ll try to update anything big going on and I’ll try to keep up with everyone.  It may be weeks or months or years before I’m back… I suppose it just depends on military life and the kiddo…  So if you need to delete me I’ll understand… just know that I will be back one of these days… This is important to me… it’s just when something’s got to give these days it’s my spare time… 

Okay so to update as quickly as possible during naptime! 

We found out that Ryan is deploying to Afghanistan this summer so we’re gearing up for that.  I won’t lie… it’s hard when it’s just Ryan and I and it’s going to be so much harder with Isaac a part of our lives.  But we’ll manage as we always have and come out stronger for it! 

We had a lovely visit home for Christmas… there will be pictures of that soon.  We also had a visit from my mom and dad for a few weeks.  They went home on Wednesday.  And that’s where my time has gone lately.

And now my big insane news…  (Insane because here I am complaining about lack of time and then I did this!)

We adopted a puppy last week. 

My parents and our little family went to San Antonio for the weekend just for fun and while we were there we visited a pet store…  Ryan and I had every intention of waiting a year or two to get a dog again so that Isaac was a little older and the hurt of losing the boys wouldn’t be so fresh… and for the past month I’ve become increasingly aware that it wasn’t happening!  We have never lived a day of our married life with a dogless house until Yoda died… and I could not abide it!

So in a truly insane move we fell in love with this little guy. 

Meet Spock. (And yes, I, the ever nerdy Trekkie named him.)


He’s a 9 week old Schnoodle (which is a miniature Schnauzer/ miniature Poodle mix) He has a spunky personality and loves to play (Oiy I forgot how sharp puppy teeth are!) and he’s stolen my heart.  He does little things that remind me of the boys… the way he tilts his head and plops to sit remind me so much of Gandalf that my through burns and then in a flash he’ll look at me from up under his eyebrows and growl in a puppy version of Yoda’s voice and I’m giggling like a loon.  He’s a little bit of both and all his own at the same time… PERFECT!

He loves to explore (“Where no man has gone before!”)


And even has Spock eyebrows! “Live long and ‘paws’per.”  Hi-yuck! 


More sleepless hours to the night… cleaning up dog pee… finding favorite belongings mauled in an unguarded moment…  may sound like craziness (and it is) but I just look at this little face and see years of Isaac and Spock romping in the yard and hours of cuddle time with me and Ryan…  We brought home trouble and a lifetime of memories all in one crazy little hairball!


I owe an Isaac update as well! 

He is doing great!  He’ll be 9 months old on February 9th and I can’t believe how the time has flown by!

He’s sitting on his own and rolling all over the house.  He pulls up on us and stands to play.  He babbles and coos and loves to yell!  🙂  He is 19 pounds and 27 inches long and all boy. 

I have to do a picture update soon but for now I have a set I have to share.  My Mom held Isaac up to the glass slider a few days ago and we discovered something truly amazing… A GLASS LICKER!

What a character!


Squashed nose!


Happy face!!!!  Okay here come the good ones!




I think this may be my favorite picture of all time!  Oh how I wish I’d had time to set all the settings on my camera and fix the lighting… but when they do something like this you just grab and go!


Okay I had better get going… Laundry, dishes, a new puppy that’s been quiet for too long and dinner all await me during this naptime and it’s probably all over the way this kiddo has been lately!






11 thoughts on “Quick Catch Up!

  1. @NightCometh – Yes they held him back from that first deployment and this was the next to come up.  So we have a little more time together which is nice but a bit more frightening destination.  Eeek!  But God has him in the palm of his hand when he’s in danger just as he does when he supposedly is not.  For after all safety and control are all an illusion!

  2. Fun pics. Adorable pup. I just told Steve that Ryan was deploying this summer and he said, “Who knows, maybe I’ll be going there too.” Gotta love being a military wife, eh?

  3. What crazy few months you guys have had. Issac is adorable and seems to be growing into his own personality. I love the cute puppy! I think his name suits him well! Glad you guys are doing well!

  4. Great update! And big congrats on the new puppy- dogs are truely man’s best friend. And your lil man is looking adorable as always- LOVE the window pics w/ him…too funny. *hugs and love*

  5. I’m dying here…Isaac just couldn’t be cuter!!!  and Spock…oh my goodness is he ever adorable!  Do you facebook?  I so want to keep up with you but if I know myself it will probably be a ways between visits over here in xanga land.   can you look me up on fb?  (Naomi Purcell Latimer or naomilatimer@yahoo.com)  Hope to see you over there!!

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