Book Review for Book Sneeze

Plain Promise by Beth Wiseman

This is the story of a young Amish widow named Sadie.  She rents her guest cottage to a man named Kade and finds her life full of unexpected changes.  With the addition of Kade’s five year old autistic son Sadie’s life is changed forever.  They work to overcome the differences of their faith and the way they see the world and both get more than they bargained for. 

I have never been a fan of Amish romances.  This book caught my attention and I thought it might be worth a look.  I was completely blown away!  The characters ran away with my heart!  I was engrossed from almost the first page and couldn’t put it down.  I fell in love with the story, the struggles, the joy and the way God just intertwined with this story.  I loved the way the author let you see how God looks the same from both perspectives and how He works in the lives of the characters as they strive to better themselves.  I am completely captured and have purchased the other books in the story.  I can barely wait to sink into a comfy chair and visit this world again!  Beth Wiseman has made a convert of me!


2 thoughts on “Book Review for Book Sneeze

  1. I kinda feel the same way you do about “Amish romances”.  They all seem the same, and really cheesy, just by looking at the covers of the books.  I could be convinced, but I’d have to finish the other 30 books I have on my list right now to read.P.S…I love to see you blogging!

  2. I am just starting this book!  I have read book 1 & 2, highly recommend them.  I am reading them in sequence.  Love this author.  Also got her book Seek me with your Heart and Healing Hearts.  Right now I am ordering from the public library all her titles.  Such fun!   Darlene

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