Playing Catch-up from way behind…

Oh my goodness do I ever have a backlog of things to catch up on!!!  Most of you have seen these pictures on Facebook so I’m zooming through them… forgive me if this is a repeat for you but there are some who haven’t seen them!

When we were back home in Phoenix this fall my family threw me a birthday party.  Yes they did… because I turned 30! 

Funny how it feels the same to be 30 as it did for my whole 20’s… except that I’m suddenly bone weary all the time.  I never have enough sleep and my muscles and joints are in a perpetual state of overtaxed and achy… Oh wait… that’s probably because I have a six month old kiddo!

So here I am showing off my kiddo!  (There were several family members that had yet to meet him!)  This is my Aunt Susan… well her hand!


This is Isaac’s cousin, Malaki.  (Malaki is Josie’s son.  Josie is Ryan’s little sister.)


Me and the kiddo!


This is my baby sister, Becky, with her two littles… Savannah and Dylan!


Isaac blowing raspberries at daddy!  So funny!


This is Mimi (Ryan’s mom) with Isaac’s newest cousin Andie.  (Malaki’s little sister)


Isaac meeting his great grandma Fern!  Did I say meeting her?  More like EATING HER!


The other Laubes!  My sister Charly and her husband Zach (who is also Ryan’s younger brother) and their son Aaron!


My cousin Lucas (who was the ring bearer in my wedding!) holding his cousin for the first time!


Savannah wanted to play bikes and wanted Uncle Ryan to tag along.




Everyone eating!


The great grandparents!


We had a great time in Phoenix showing off our kiddo!  It was fun to see family though we didn’t get to see everyone…  Guess we’ll be taking another trip!!!

We got home just in time for Halloween and the base does a real 50’s throwback kind of thing.  No one on base is allowed to drive in housing and the Security forces patrol the streets to make sure everyone is safe and to pick up lost kiddos and take them to a meeting spot so parent’s can find them.  Everyone participates and it’s a lot of fun!

Daddy was a ninja!  LOL  We had parents giggling!


And Isaac was Captain James T. Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise!  (Yes I’m that much of a Trekkie that I just happen to have the Original Star Trek seasons and could easily find a place in a show to pause the Enterprise over a planet so we could stag this shot! LOL)


“Momma shouldn’t I be ON the ship?”  (Everyone’s a critic!)


Okay one last set of pictures for you!  On November 9th Isaac hit his six month milestone and with it came solid foods. 

Here is our very first attempt at them!

“What’s going on Dad?”


“Okay what is this thing?”


Hmmmm what’s all the fuss?


Okay I’m game…


What is THAT!?


Ummmm NO!


Seriously mom, WHY!?


You could stop this right now daddy…




Oh mommy it’s in my mouth…


Okay that’s all I have for you today!  I have so much more to catch up on but the kiddo calls and life awaits!  I’ll be back again soon!

Have a beautiful December day!



2 thoughts on “Playing Catch-up from way behind…

  1. Hahahahaha, I loved seeing all of these again.  I saw them on FB but didn’t have time to comment on everything.  It was so fun to see all the captions, too.  🙂  Whoa, Savannah sure does look like her dad!  It’s so interesting how different Aaron and Isaac look, even though you can see the resemblances between their moms and between their dads.  🙂

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