Good Morning and Happy December! 

Before I share our ‘exciting’ evening with you I have to show you Isaac’s new hat. 


How cute is that? 


Yep we need to live somewhere cold so he can wear it all the time! 


So…  Last night when Ryan got home from work we packed the kiddo into his stroller and headed out as a family for the chapel here on base.  

The base was hosting a Christmas tree lighting complete with cider, hot chocolate and cookies.  We walked in the brisk evening air full of anticipation with beautiful images of post card Christmas tree lightings in our head… 

We got there and remembered that this is Texas… 

Yep that juniper bush over Ryan’s shoulder is our Christmas tree… 


No worries we would just enjoy some family time…  


It drew quite a crowd…  We sang Christmas carols and visited…. 


Then the chaplain said a prayer… 


 Isaac enjoyed all there was to see and hear. 


Hey blue eyes!


Then the wing commander gave a speech about community and feeling as if this base were our home. 


 Then he went over to the tree and gathered all the little kiddos to help him light it up.  There was quite a lot of anticipation.  Even if it was a juniper tree everyone likes a pretty Christmas tree! 



Blink… the one strand of standard white lights shined on…  Instead of a crowd going “Oooooo ahhhhh”  you heard something more along the lines of “HUH?” 

Bit of a let down after all the hype but still fun… 

(It’s moments like these that I miss Germany so badly that my heart hurts a little…) 


 But then down the street there arose such a clatter!  

“What’s that daddy?” 


“What are all those lights and sounds?” 


Police cars and firetrucks?” 


“It’s Santa on a firetruck!” 


And then the firetruck let loose it’s sirens and my guy just plain let loose! 


Because of the small guy emergency and the quick pass off to mommy we got just this one picture of Santa!  LOL 


“All better and my ears are warm now too!” 


Tucking my buddy all in… 


When the tree lighting was all over we walked to the club for ‘Dinner with Santa’ 


 And got to check out Santa’s ‘sleigh’ a little more closely! 


They did a good job decorating the truck! 


Here we are in the very most southern north pole! 


Cold noses and rosy cheeks! 


All toasty warm and ready to have dinner with Santa. 


 After we ate we stood in line for Isaac’s first picture with Santa.  He wasn’t exactly sure… 


Then he made up his mind… We discovered later that he had a fistful of Santa beard…  Guess he found out the imposter! 

 No worries… in between these two pictures there was a good one (I hope) taken by the photographer… we should get that on Friday. 


They we bundled up and walked home in the quite dark with a million stars overhead…  It was actually a really fun evening and I’m glad that the base puts on things like this…  

When we arrived home it was to find this guy…  sugar plumbs and all… 


I hope your Christmas season is filled with memories and laughter and time with family.



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  1. Sounds like a neat night! Even though the Christmas tree was a juniper bush I think it looked pretty with lights. I just love seeing pictures of y’all since I can’t really see you more often. I’m still sad I didn’t get to hold Isaac. That just means you have to come again sometime

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