Our new home and three month pictures

I thought today would be a good day to give you a tour of our new home as well as Isaac’s three month pictures.  It’s so much smaller than Ryan and I have gotten used to what with our three story German cottage and then our 2100 square foot nightmare of a rental but we really like it and we love living on base.  As you will see though we are shoehorned in and have used every nook and cranny!

This is what you see when you walk in our front door. 


The rest of the room.  You’re looking at the front entry, the living room, the dining room, the side entry way, and the office.  YIKES!


When you walk in the front door my china hutch is immediately to your right behind the couch.


Here is the little office nook that we carved out for Ryan.  I love having a place to finally hang all his awards and plaques!


Dining room and carport entry way.


From the dining room into the kitchen.


The kitchen with the laundry closet at the end.


Left side of the kitchen… (please excuse the dishes!)


Right side of the kitchen.


The hallway which you can get to from the front door beside the china hutch or from the kitchen by the laundry closet.  The first door on the left is a pantry and then the second door on the left is…


The only bathroom in the whole house.  It’s dinky!!!


The door at the very end of the hallway is the guest bedroom.  So if you’re coming to visit here’s where we’ll stick you!  🙂


The rest of it…


Moving back up the other side of the hallway… the last door on the right is our room…


Other side…


And then last but certainly not least is my favorite room in the house… Isaac’s room!  We went with a cool caribbean blue for the backdrop of his red Pirate nursery and I love how it turned out!


Here is his diaper changer wall finally complete with his ‘Poop Deck’ sign from Mimi! 


Seriously how cute is that to have ‘Poop Deck’ over the diaper changer?!


She even made a little ‘The Plank’ sign to go over his diaper champ… This one was Aunt Charly’s idea…  You know… make the dirty diapers walk the plank?  Har har har!


Here is the crib wall…  Notice anything?


We finally got his wheel done!  This is the piece I’m most excited about!  How cute is that!!!?  (Thanks Mom for making it happen while you were here… You know it would never have been finished if you hadn’t done it right?)


Even Isaac loves his pirate wheel already!


Here he is taking his very first nap in his very own room…


Such a sweet boy…


Well there you have it.  That’s our new home!  I think we’re going to be really happy here!


Okay…  On to the three month pictures of the kiddo!


We decided to gather in front of our new house on Sunday after church since we were all dressed up… Daddy loves his boy!


Greetings from Texas!


Isaac is bored with pictures and Daddy is trying to figure out how to hold him without damaging that finger!


Our happy family!


Me with my little guy!



My favorite shot of the three of us.  I love his little gator sweater vest! 


Okay dad I’m done…


So we took him inside and changed him into something a bit cooler…  Totally Handsome!


He knows you know it too…


Look how long he’s getting!


Nothing makes Isaac smile like daddy making goofy faces off camera!


His poop face… Yeah that’s classic!


How cute are those chubby cheeks!  You should see them with a full dimply smile… One of these days I’ll catch one! 


Well that’s it for me today.  Isaac is napping and I have to get the house ready.  I have a nurse from the clinic coming to do his three month home visit today! 

Auf Wiedersehen!



9 thoughts on “Our new home and three month pictures

  1. Courtney, as always you’ve decorated your home beautifully! I just love it! It looks so warm and inviting. I really really love the color you chose for Isaac’s walls. It’s beautiful, and I think the “Poop Deck” sign is hilariously appropriate for where it hangs. Isaac is growing so fast! He is absolutely precious. How’s Ryan’s finger? Will it affect his deployment at all?Love you!

  2. @spunky_monkey83 – Jenny, thanks so much!  I think I’m going to be really happy here!  Isn’t the Poop deck sign the best?  It was Ryan’s idea and we commissioned his mom to make it for Isaac.  So great!  Ryan’s finger is coming along.  We have to go to San Antonio tomorrow for his follow up with the surgeon.  His deployment is unaffected.  He should be shipping out sometime this month for Iraq.  Love you girl!  Sorry I haven’t been around but I’m praying for you guys!  i can’t wait for you to get married!!!!

  3. 3 months already!?  Time goes too quickly, my friend.  What a beautiful little boy you have!  And lovely family pictures.Your house is great!  I like it better than the last one.  You’ve decorated nicely, and I looove I’s room!  So cute!

  4. Hello! My name is Amy. I don’t blog much but I’m reading and trying to get motivated to blog since I used to do it a lot. Your house is beautiful. I know it’s smaller than you would like but you’re great at decorating and getting it organized so it’s beautiful to me! Your son is so handsome! Even though I have three kids he makes me want another. I hope the rest of your week goes well!

  5. Hi! I don’t know if you remember me, but I use to have a Xanga (n_side_out) years ago and we we’re bloggy friends back then. Hope you don’t mind if I sub! Btw, you’re family is darling! :o)

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