Catching up!

I honestly can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I wrote.  What a month it has been!

As you saw in my last we lost Gandalf and we are missing him terribly.  He’s left a big hole in our lives and hearts but we know he’s enjoying a freedom in heaven that we couldn’t give him here with us.

Ryan and I (with the essential help of my mother) have moved on base. 

Ryan went on a two week training course on desert warfare and in the process had part of his left ring finger cut off…  but that’s a story for another email. 

And the next few months will be just as busy!

My mom is gone now and we are finishing up the few things left to finish moving in and waiting for Ryan to be deployed to Iraq sometime during this month.

This next weekend Ryan’s parents are going to be coming for a visit it say goodbye to Ryan and to meet Isaac for the first time.  (Up until now no one but my mom has met him!  I’m excited to show him off to his Mimi and Papa!!!)

Then a few weeks after Ryan deploys my best friend Emily is coming for a visit.

Just a few weeks after that my mom and dad will be here to pick me, Isaac, and Yoda up and we’ll be caravanning back to Phoenix.  I’ll be there until after Christmas so that Isaac gets to meet everyone and spend his first Christmas with family.

It’s going to be a nutty fall!

I know that I owe you so many pictures of things!  Oh my goodness am I ever behind…  So I’ll start with these and try really hard to catch up over the next week or so….

The day before we lost Gandalf we unexpectedly got to have Isaac dedicated at our new church.  We are now attending Grace Community Church here in Del Rio, Texas and we love it!!!  It’s just like coming home.  We went this day with my mom and were surprised when the pastor approached and asked if we would like to have Isaac dedicated as he was dedicating another baby.  We jumped at the chance just glad that we could do it while Ryan was home!  Unfortunately without warning we were not all dressed up and Isaac didn’t have a super cute outfit on but you can’t win em all!  🙂

Here we all are being introduced… (We were only at the church for a month before Isaac was born and we had to take an 8 week break because he was a preemie… this was only our second week back and he was 10 weeks old.)


Here is the pastor’s wife holding him for prayer… He didn’t exactly cooperate.


Here we all are.


She had to hand him back to me because he decided he wasn’t happy at all and made it known!




All done!


I can’t believe looking back at those pictures just how much he has grown!!!!  Isaac is exactly three months old today.  I’ll give you one preview picture of his three month pictures which I’ll try to get up in the next few days.

Here we are in front of our new house!


Isn’t his little gator outfit cute!?

Until next time,



7 thoughts on “Catching up!

  1. First of all, that last picture …. Isaac looks SOO big (I could attack those cheeks), and you look beautiful in green! Will you get to update much from Pheonix?? :O) Praying for Ryan’s upcoming deployment …. ::sigh::  Love ya!

  2. Hey! I am sure that you dont remember me but about 5 years ago we talked all the time  on xanga. I was just getting married and moving to NC while you were still in Germany and you sent me a beautiful blanket you had made for us! It has been a long time but I am back on here and just wanted to say hello!!! I cant believe you finally have a baby!! im so happy for you 🙂

  3. Yeah! In 2005 we were stationed here at Fort Bragg, NC. Shortly after we got there that November I found out I was pregnant with my son Joshua. I ended up getting really sick and hospitalized with extreme pre-eclampsia and he came 6 weeks early but he just turned 4!! I dont know if you remember but we are from TX and we got stationed there for 2 years before we got the orders to come back here this summer and now here we are. It has been too long since we talked! I got off of xanga and forgot all about it!!

  4. It’s so good to hear from you!  Although I feel like I just did since I just got caught up on your old posts.  Lol.  Wowzers!  Isaac has gotten so big!  Look at him now!  And you look fabulous, Courtney!I’m so glad you have found a church that you are comfortable in.  What a blessing!  And how perfect to have him dedicated when your mom was there!    I’m covering your little family in prayer during this time.  I’m so glad you will be with family for Christmas!  How exciting for everyone to meet Isaac!

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