One month old… One week late!

And suddenly time is flying by…

Actually I have a theory about that…  I don’t think time is going any faster than it usually goes but I DO believe that having a child makes it seem faster because they mark the time with how quickly they change…

Sorry, bit of a tangent there.  Can you believe that Isaac is a month old?  Actually he’s a little over five weeks old…  I find it a bit hard to get online in MY time there days!  🙂

So I of course, being me, have a few pictures… the first few are from when Isaac was just a week old…

Baby toes…


 As my Aunt Francine put it…  “I am a shining star… I am a shining star!”


 Gummy baby faces…


 Little old man face… It’s amazing how much he’s changed in just a few short weeks…


Grumpy old man face…  so sweet…


 My handsome little guy.


 Okay now on to his four week pictures.  This first one is just so you can see his little outfit.  This onesie was bought for him by my mom.  She bought it years ago and kept it just for this little guy…  How cute is that?


Tummy time!  Don’t you love those tipped out ears?  He gets those from me… poor little guy… At least I can hide them with my hair! 


 Did I mention that he hates tummy time?  See him straining to lift his whole head with his face?


What’s up?


Getting a bit irritated…


Working really hard to move… 


 Why lift your head when you can just roll over… Yep, that’s right… He hates tummy time so much that he’s learned to just roll over…  Oh boy…


 Don’t you dare flip my back over mom!  🙂


I love this little dude…  


Hmmm…  Look at those beautiful eyes!


“Hey Aunt Charly, Uncle Zach, look at my hair-o-cane!”


A Dream is a… 


 Wish your heart makes…


 Tiny little guy…


We decided to take a few pictures of him with his little crocodile. 

“Look it’s eating my foot!”


“Now I’m eating his foot! 

Awww who am I kidding…  I’m looking for some food… what a croc!”  🙂


Sweet little guy… 


Cute baby fingers!


 Okay, there is one thing I am so excited to share with you guys!  Ever since Isaac was born he has done something that is just so cute and I finally got it on film!

Whenever he eats or sucks on his pacifier or sucks his thumb (yes, he’s a thumb sucker) he grabs his ear.  Not just any ear… his right ear and he makes mmm mmm mmm noises…  Why is this important you might ask?  Because he looks just like this guy… only much cuter!

“Mmm mmm mmm mommy… I have a dirty thumb!”


Don’t you think!?  (Poor little bruises from his IV) 


All my love,



10 thoughts on “One month old… One week late!

  1. He is just too precious for words, Courtney!! What a blessing!!!  And he’s already figured out how to roll over!!!?!  What a smart lit’ guy!!!  Time does go by faster than before, so love him up!  I was looking at some of Madison’s baby pics lastnight…and it just makes my heart hurt! Some days i ask myself, how in the world do i have a 4yr old?!  (((Hugs)))

  2. He is so precious! I’m not sure if you read yet or not but me and my husband just found out I’m pregnant! We are so excited. 🙂 Anyways enjoy all you sweet moments with him and thanks for sharing the pictures. 🙂

  3. I’m bummed that some of the pictures are showing up for me, but the ones I can see are precious!! I can’t believe it’s already been 5 weeks!! Craziness!It’s still so amazing to me that you’re finally a mom. Wow!Love you!

  4. Thanks for sharing. He is so precious and his outfits are so cute. What a gift and a blessing. enjoy and keep snapping those pictures! hugs emlee

  5. Awwww, he is so stinking cute!  I had to soak in these pictures, as well.  I love babies.  🙂  And yours is about as precious as they come!  I just love that you finally have a use for that Air Force blanket and those onesies.  :)I love that picture of you holding Isaac!  And the pictures with the words dream and wish.  Perfect!  I love your photography and the different angles you take from!  Isaac is going to have some awesome pictures to look back at!  Oh, and your captions cracked me up!  Lots of love!

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