Isaac’s Adventure

The past week has been a doozy in our little family…

It all started on Monday of last week.  Isaac was not quite himself.  He was fussy and irritated and wouldn’t sleep without crying inconsolably.  We decided that it would be a good idea to call the pediatrician and almost the moment the decision was made Isaac got a fever.  By 11am on Wednesday we had an appointment for 3:30 that afternoon and Isaac was running a full out fever.  We couldn’t tell how high because 3 thermometers gave three different readings and we decided it was better to be safe than sorry.

We arrived just in time for our appointment frazzled and harried from a very stressful day.  Within about 5 minutes of going back we were told that he had a fever of 100.5 and in babies this young this meant an immediate admission.  The hospital here in Del Rio does not do the testing required for an infant with a fever (read they don’t take it seriously and will just send you home) so the base called in an ambulance to transport us to Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) in San Antonio.  We had 30 minutes while we were waiting for transport so Ryan rushed home and threw some things together in a bag for us in case we had to stay overnight. 

By 5:00pm my 3 week old son was strapped on a gurney in the back of an ambulance on the way to BAMC more than 2.5 hours away. 


When we arrived at the hospital we were admitted to the pediatrics ward and Isaac was immediately rushed into a treatment (read torture) room.  They needed to take blood and urine samples and also needed to do a lumbar puncture to obtain a sample of spinal fluid for culture. 

They said it would take 20 to 30 minutes before he was back with us. 

Two hours later we were still waiting for him to come back…

It turns out that our son is a fighter.  It took them a full hour to do the lumbar puncture and even then they were only able to obtain just enough fluid to do a culture and they were worried that it wouldn’t be quite enough.  (Thank goodness it was!)  Then while they were in there his IV went bad so they needed to start a new one.  By that time Isaac was so completely done that it took another full hour to get a solid IV in his little arm.

He returned so exhausted that he slept almost the moment they gave him to me.  I had to wake him up to get him to eat.  Poor baby…


We had a long night of nurses and technicians coming in to give him antibiotics through his IV, of checking vitals and diaper changes.


The next morning the IV went bad.  We knew they hadn’t been lying to us about how much of a fighter he was when the nurse, two technicians, and two huge male medics all trooped in the room, wrapped our baby in a full size bed sheet to immobilize him and started trying to get an IV.  They had to stop in the middle to let him nurse and calm down. 


After 11 failed attempts including 5 blown veins they finally got a good vein in his other hand and were able to begin administering his antibiotics again.  They strapped his poor little arm down really well because they said there was no way they were going to get another IV in if this one went bad.  In the end he had two attempts in each hand, one in each ankle, one in each foot, one in each arm and one in his scalp.  If this IV went bad the only option would be shots which would be extremely painful. 


We ended up staying at BAMC until Friday evening.  The final cultures came back normal.  When we were first admitted his white blood cell count was a little high so they were worried but they were fine in the later cultures.  They think he had an infection that was knocked out by the meds so it was a great thing that we went in!  We were released after about 42 hours in the hospital.  Isaac was quite ready to have his IV come out!!!  Have you ever seen anyone look quite so DONE as this little guy?


We’ve been home for a few days now and he seems to be returning quickly to his normal self. 


I just have to say how incredible it is to have the support system we have.  Within hours of the beginning of this journey we had hundreds of people literally around the world on their knees praying for us.  It is the most amazing feeling to have that many people storming the gates of heaven for our child whom they have never met but have spent years praying for.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support and prayers… they mean more than words can ever express.  Your prayers were felt and answered. 

All our love,

Ryan, Courtney, and Isaac.


12 thoughts on “Isaac’s Adventure

  1. That was probably so scary. I’m so glad you all are back home and safe and he is doing well. He is just so beautiful. So glad God blessed your family.

  2. Storming the gates of heaven is right! People who I know, and only know of you guys through me testifying to God’s miracle in your life, were interceding. At the time it was scary. Looking back, it was AMAZING to see what this little guy had for prayer support in his life. What a story he already is. Love you

  3. Oh girl! those pictures are heartbreaking!!! i saw it on fb when you were on your way to san antionio and immediately prayed. i am SO thankful for a full recovery. poor baby endured way more than his little 3 wk life should have!!!! James had to have an iv his first wk bc of an infection too…it’s just awful to watch those nurses try to put an iv in your screaming new baby isn’t it? i feel ya girl. i’m sooo glad he’s better! and, he’s adorable! love!

  4. I’m so glad he is okay!! How scary that must’ve been!! I know i havent been around in forever but i’m SO glad you had a great delivery and that baby Isaac is okay!!! He is so sweet!! Congrats to you and your family!!

  5. Oh-my-goodness what a crazy adventure for your lil man and for you both. I’m sooooo glad he’s doing better. I’ve never heard of anyone having that hard of finding and stabilizing a vein. (I specialize in drawing blood- and sure there are hard sticks, hard patients and the unexpected- but I’m shocked at how many times they poked the lil guy) Again- soooo happy he’s home and healthy and whatever it was is gone for good. *hugs*

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