Full Term

Good Afternoon!

I have so many things to catch up with but today is a very special day and so it gets to take over!

Today I am 36 weeks pregnant.  I am officially full term!  I never thought I would be sitting here after all these years just a few weeks from meeting my son face to face. 


I’m getting huge and it looks like this guy is starting to drop.  My back would believe you if you told me so! 


As a result of my hugeness and the dropping kiddo I have some exciting news. 

My poor road weary mother is coming back to Texas. 

Why? Ryan has a class that he HAS to take.  The Air Force is flying him out to Georgia to attend it.  The bad part?  It’s the 17th through 28th of May!  He won’t be back in Texas until 6 days before my due date!!!  Everyone here is panicking that I’ll have Isaac while Ryan is gone so Mom is obliging and flying out to “babysit” (HAR HAR) me for the 11 days he’ll be gone. 

We don’t really have any plans… Maybe she can help me lay up some casseroles in the freezer for those few weeks after he’s born…  there’s a thought!  πŸ™‚


So, I had my last regular appointment yesterday.  From now on, I see my doctor once a week until Isaac gets here.

I’m going along just fine with no complications and Isaac is right on schedule as well with a healthy heartbeat, good orientation, and constant movement!  I’ve discussed my birth-plan with my doctor, had my tour of the hospital and completed all but one of my classes for the base.  The only things left to do around here to get ready are to pack our hospital bag, put the car seat base in the car and write down a list of phone numbers to call when we get checked into the hospital…  We’ll have it all done this weekend.

I’m even almost done with all the blankets I had on my list!  I’ve been a busy little bee…


So without further ado…  I’ll show you my official 36 week picture and my one and only bare belly shot! 

Excuse the pasty paleness of my belly… is it obvious that I don’t own a bikini?  πŸ™‚ 


So, in the spirit of fun… I’m opening the pole for guesses…  I want to know your guess for the following…

(Keep in mind my due date is June 4th)


Date of birth:_______________

Birth weight:_______________

Birth Height:_______________


And with that I’ll bid you farewell,





12 thoughts on “Full Term

  1. I’m so so so happy for you and I cannot wait to see pictures of this little prince in your arms you have waited long enough :)June 19th7lbs 3oz19 1/2 inches

  2. You look gorgeous!  And seriously… you’ve got some good hereditary genes there.  You’re tiny… and 36 weeks with NO stretch marks!  Amazing!  My belly looks like a Zebra.  Hang in there!  These last few weeks are tough…but the end is near!    Oh…and any chance you have gotten yourself into a pool?? If not… you should.  While you’re in the water… it’s HEAVEN!!!!!  All that weight just disappears.  Now, I will warn you… getting out…. oiy.  That’s not a barrel of laughs…but while you’re in the water, it’s wonderful.

  3. BEAUTIFUL belly!!!!  You are one of the only pregnant women that I have seen that really has that ‘glow’.  It’s obvious that you are so thankful for this little pregnancy!!My guess–June 2nd 8:40 am  7lbs 4oz

  4. I’ll say June 7th (my late grandfather’s (read:  best man in the world) birthday), 7 pounds 5 onces and 21 1/2 inches long!Praying Issac holds on until Ryan gets home!  Surely, once you go into labor the AF would fly him home given the circumstances of how LONG you guys have been waiting for this!!

  5. @AFatWomanManifesto – Actually no the AF won’t fly him home.  This class is essential to his career and if interrupted he would have to start over.  He’s been on the waiting list for a year and him blowing it would waste resources.  Also the AF doesn’t work that way.  They wouldn’t fly him home for the birth of our child even if he was deployed overseas.  This is just how it is so Isaac just needs to stay put for a while longer!  LOL

  6. I obviously didn’t get caught up to this entry until after Isaac’s birth….so I can’t make a guess.  Lol.But you looked beautiful right up until his birth!  I’m so glad God worked it out for Ryan to be there to meet Isaac!

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