Nothing much!

Good Afternoon!

Nothing much going on around this neck of the woods. 

Ryan had to work on Saturday and by the time he got home in the early afternoon I was down and out with a full blown cold… As a result our weekend was pretty much a bust (read we didn’t get anything done) and that’s starting to get a bit stressful. 

I leave for Phoenix for my baby shower (and some family visiting time!) in just a few weeks and there is A LOT that needs to get done before I leave.  I’ll be taking back a car load of stuff because while I’m at home we’ll be doing a garage sale.  Ryan and I have spent the last few weeks going through the house trying to cull down our stuff.  We need to streamline our lifestyle a bit since the rest of our lives will likely be spent moving all over the world and we just can’t afford to haul around boxes that never get opened!  But… with the yard sale happening while I’m in Phoenix we only have a few weeks to finish so that I can take those things back and make a little cash for baby things!  So… time crunch!

When I come back to Texas my mom will be coming with me as I said before to help get the nursery ready for Isaac…  That means that there are things that need to be DONE before she gets here so we can really focus on doing what she is coming here to do and because Ryan has been so busy with work lately that means that it has to be done before I leave!!!  Good thing that spring is in the air around here and I’m all full of energy these days!  I need that spring cleaning boost to help me get through this mess!

But… for today I’m sitting on my tush working on blankets because head colds do not lend to working and sorting…  I had to put the blue and silver blanket on the back burner… I used the very last of my Sterling yarn and so far nothing has come to light for me to buy…  SO I will save it for last just in case something comes up and if not… I’ll unravel the whole thing and find a replacement silver and start over… It’s not like I’ve never started over before! 

My current project is this little beauty in red, chocolate brown and tan…


Here is a close up of the stitch…


I’m loving how it’s turning out!

I guess that’s about it for me today!  I’m off to enjoy the very last leftovers of my newest creations…  (Curried Cream of Cauliflower Soup and Couscous salad with tomatoes, summer squash, and fresh basil with a balsamic vinegarette dressing!  YUMMO!)



8 thoughts on “Nothing much!

  1. beautiful blanket!!!  i hope you get to feeling better…how miserable is a cold when you know you can’t take any cold meds?!? it’s so fun to read the words “baby shower” and “nursery” on your blog!!  i’m truly so very happy for you, Courtney!

  2. I may have missed it but what is Issac’s nursery theme and do you have any nicknames you’re gonna use for him?I agree with  Glenna–LOVE reading baby shower and nursery on your blog!!!I wish you could teach me how to knit. I really want to learn. Ah well. . . Love you

  3. @one_in_heaven – The nursery theme is pirates!  Here is a link to the bedding so you can kind of see what direction we’re going and the colors.  Obviously (per my last post) our furniture is much lighter in color but I think it’s going to look wonderful! far as nicknames go… we don’t really like the nicknames for Isaac so no nicknames for this little guy!  I wish I could teach you too!!!  I taught myself over a couple years from a 10 dollar kit/book from walmart called I taught myself to crochet.  LOL  But it took me years to get really good and fast at it!  Love you too!

  4. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of sorting and organizing…trying to sell stuff on criagslist/amazon to make a lil extra cash. It’s amazing what builds up when your not looking…like 2 microwaves, extra coffee pots, extra dishes…lol! So I understand how had it can be going threw and getting rid of stuff. Sounds like a smart move- getting organized, some extra cash for baby, and will make life easier in the future. Your such a smart gal. Who’s planning your baby shower??? And what a wonderful time to be PREGNANT…when your back in the states and can spend it w/ your family. I’m so happy to see everything working out so well for you. *hugs*

  5. Whew, you sound like a busy woman!  I wish I could be down there to help you!  It would be so much fun to get to talk while helping you work!  I LOVE the colors and pattern you are doing on this blanket!  Beautiful!By the way, do you get e-mails or see these comments on your back entries?  I’d hate for you to think that I’m not commenting since I’m still so far behind in trying to catch up with everyone. 

  6. @leannenannette – I would love to spend an afternoon chatting while I work… it is one of the few things I don’t get to enjoy often enough!  And yep I get emails so no worries at all!  And you’re not that far behind on me anymore!  Probably because I’ve been so far behind in getting here!  LOL

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