Flying, Nursery, Begging is Becoming

Good Evening! 

I can not believe that it’s been a week and a half since I’ve written anything!  Life is just zooming by these days and boy oh boy have I been busy!

First and foremost I have to take a minute to brag on Ryan just one more time!  He found out soon after the awards banquet that he had been selected for an incentive flight.  He’s been in the Air Force for 12 years and through a variety of circumstances (broken planes, last minute deployments, ect.)  he’s never been able to take one before so this was a big deal. 

It was such a neat experience for him.  He got to be fitted for a flight suit and a mask, and he had to do ejector seat training.  He had a blast! 

The only really bad thing from the whole day was that when he showed up on the flight line for the flight the photographer didn’t show!  So there are no pictures of him at all.  12 years of waiting for this flight and there is no record of it… such a bummer!!!!

I found a picture online of the plane he took his flight on so you can see it. 

This is the T-6 Texan.


The coolest part of the whole day was that Ryan actually got to FLY this plane!  This is a training base AND this is one of the training jets AND he got to fly with one of the flight instructors so OBVIOUSLY he got a crash course (sorry poor choice of words) in flying and got to fly the plane! 


Okay I’m done…

Onto the rest of my news.

This past week the second trimester energy has hit me full bore!  In the past week I’ve;

  • Deep cleaned the house (and when I say deep cleaning I mean right down to soaking the elements from the stove top!) 
  • Rearranged my bedroom to accommodate the co sleeper and rocking chair
  • Cleaned out the spare room
  • We turned the spare room into the nursery
  • We sorted through about half of what was in that room into sell, donate, and store piles.
  • We took a trip to San Antonio to register and pick up a few things we needed
  • We fixed the ’98 Honda Shadow and got it ready to sell.

That’s about it but it was not a small amount of work! 

No worries… for all of you worry warts out there, I was very careful, took plenty of breaks, had plenty of water, and didn’t lift anything heavy!  That was a super feat when you consider that I moved a whole room of furniture around.  How did I do it without lifting?  I got out my tool box, took the furniture apart and moved it piece by piece!  Told you I got hit by some insane energy!

Here is my official 24 week photo.  I think maybe I popped… You’ll see… 


I just had to share the pictures of Ryan putting together the crib.  We bought this crib almost five years ago… We bought it as an act of faith after my surgery that God would bless us with a family… We almost got rid of it a dozen times in the intervening years…


 I’m so glad we didn’t.  It’s been to two countries, two states, and lived in the storage and basements of five homes.  And now it has a home of it’s own!

Proud papa!


 What a workout!  Phew!!!


 I’m pretty pleased with it myself!  Here is Isaac with his crib for the very first time!


 Another reason I’m so glad we kept the crib is that I bought it to match an antique dresser that I inherited from my great grandmother.  (You’ll see it in the picture below) The moment I saw the dresser I knew I wanted it for my nursery someday and I’m tickled pink I held onto the dream I had for these two pieces!  It’s also a huge deal to see them together for the very first time!  I was right, they suit each other perfectly!

So here is the basic set up… Much more in the weeks to come.


You might notice the green and red lamps I have hanging above the crib… Keep in mind our nursery theme is pirates… those lanterns are the markers for port and starboard!  Just wait until you see the other tricks I have up my sleeves!

Also, my mother will be coming to visit for a few weeks in April to help me get everything ready before Isaac actually arrives.  One of our big projects is to refinish the antique dresser.  It’s just very scarred up and needs some TLC but it will remain the same color.  She agreed today to help me refinish my rocking chair to match!  I’m so excited!!!

We also got our pack and play/playard/co-sleeper delivered the other day and set it up in our newly rearranged room.  Here it is!

I’m very excited because it has a changing table down the back that flips up… it drops down and becomes a regular playpen… the top comes out and becomes a play mat and it has a light/vibrate/music function as well.  It’s a great alternative for us since we have limited space and weight!


Oh, one more picture from the nursery.  Here is the blanket rack my mother in law got me with the two blankets I have done for Isaac so far.  No worries, it will be FULL to bursting! (This sits on the opposite wall from the crib.)


Speaking of yarn… Here is a plea out to all of you that knit, crochet or craft.  I have a blanket that I am half way through.  I have had this puppy in mind for a son for years and the yarn was purchased for it a few years ago.  I thought I had enough but I had used some of the yarn for other projects as hope dwindled over the years and now, more than half way through I unexpectedly ran out of one of the colors only to find that they no longer make it and I can’t even find it on ebay!!!!  Could you go through your stocks and scraps?  If anyone has even just one skein (two would be preferable) of Bernat Satin in the color Sterling you would be saving my sanity if you let me buy it from you!!! 

Here is the half done blanket…


Here’s a close up of the stitch…


Here is the label of the yarn I’m looking for…

DSC_2827.JPG  DSC_2828.JPG

I guess that’s about it for me today!  I have my regular appointment tomorrow and at that appointment I’ll be getting the official permission from my doc to leave the area.  Then in a few weeks time I’ll be heading back to Phoenix for my baby shower that my mom and sisters are throwing me!  I’m very excited for the trip and the shower… 10 years is a long time to wait between my wedding shower and my first baby shower!  🙂

Well I better get a move on and get some dinner on the table… My husband, myself and my kiddo are getting hungry!

Auf Weidersehen!




22 thoughts on “Flying, Nursery, Begging is Becoming

  1. Oh, Courtney, it is SO exciting to see you finally getting to make all of these preparations for YOUR BABY!  I still can hardly believe that you are finally pregnant.  I had goosebumps as I read the history of the crib and dresser.  What an incredible story!  I am so glad that you kept both pieces!  And that you bought the crib on that act of faith!  God sure delivered, even if it wasn’t in your timeframe!  I got teary-eyed at the pictures of Ryan putting the crib together.It is so thrilling to hear you talk about all of these plans that you have.  I just love the nursery already!  And what a cool play-yard, co-sleeper, play mat!  That is so neat!  I love the blanket rack with the completed blankets.  I’m so sorry that I can be of no help with the yarn.  I sure do hope you find some!  What a beautiful picture of you!  You look great!  How exciting for a baby shower, too!  I’m glad your mom will get to come out to help you get ready for Isaac!  Oh, and way to go on accomplishing so much!  My jaw just about dropped at all that you have accomplished this week.  And then to hear that you took all of the furniture apart to move it.  Wowzers!  Awesome job!Thanks for the glowing report!

  2. I love the nursery furniture!  The dresser, mirror, and crib are beautiful.  And I love the blanket!  I’m guessing that probably like last time I asked, you made the pattern up, but just in case, I’m asking if there’s a pattern.  🙂

  3. Congrats to Ryan – it sounds like he had a blast! :)The nursery is looking amazing – that dresser is beautiful, and it looks great with the crib. 🙂 And you look radient,  btw. I’m locing the pack’n play, where’d you get it? The colors are awesome!I’ll keep an eye out for the knitting stuff you need, I don’t know how to do it, but if I happen across it, I’ll let you know.

  4. @leannenannette – Thanks so very much!  We are so excited and it’s fun to be able to just gush about it!  LOL  I’m such a dork… I keep forgetting to sub to you and therefore never return your comments… I’m heading straight there… Every time you comment to me I think to myself that I haven’t heard anything about you and then I realize it’s because I never subbed to you!  Sorry I stink!

  5. @MrsEOD_2004 – I can’t remember which site the pack and play came from as my mom bought this peice for me… I have a link to it so you can check the model and stuff… I also bought the stroller and car seat from this set.  It’s awesome color wise for hiding stains and is a great neutral but still colorful.  I just did a search for it online until I found a site it was on sale on at the time…

  6. I love how his room is coming together! I wish I could help with the yarn, but I definitely can’t.. lol. In fact, I really need to get to the store and buy some yarn and get in touch with you about buying a blankie! Do you text message? Would it be possible to exchange cell #s if you do, so we can work out details easier than on xanga or facebook? You are just adorable. You definitely popped. Thanks for the comment on the bedding! I wouldn’t want to go there with the sister drama either.. haha.

  7. The crib is so beautiful, it goes so well with the dresser. I love all the beautiful blankets you are making, what a wonderful keepsake. Way to go Ryan on the award, and flying that plain, how cool is that. 

  8. That dresser is so lovely!  And it matches the crib perfectly.  Beautiful!!You’re so crafty!!!  I love the beautiful stitches you can do!!  Me… I hate counting when I’m crocheting and knitting.  I only know a straight stitch and my blankets come out all wonky because I don’t count.    Too impatient I guess.  But I so admire the work other people do.  You look great!  I have to say…. when you said, at 24 weeks you realized you couldn’t see your feet I had this “oh dear” thought.  I’m only 20 weeks and a few days… and my feet are already gone.  I know I know… 2 in there.  But it’s just a sign of things to come.  I’ve seen pictures of women pregnant with twins…. I didn’t know the human body could stretch that far!!!!  ha ha haI’m so happy for you guys.  You’re going to have to so much fun with your little guy.  What a blessing. 

  9. Yayyyyy for Ryan! I know you’re SO proud! I can’t even tell you how emotional I get when looking at the pictures of Ryan putting the crib together and the room getting all ready for Isaac. He’s such a miracle and I’m thrilled this is finally happening for you two!!That dresser is absolutely beautiful! I love it, and it matches the crib perfectly!You look gorgeous girl! That belly is so precious!Love you!!

  10. Always excited to see your posts and pictures!! I wish I could help you with the yarn but I know I don’t have any like that at home OR in the shop. lol  Take care of yourself. I’m just so happy for you all.

  11. The nursery looks great!  I am so impressed with your unique theme!  What a great idea!  I hope you find the yarn.I just love how my heart flutters over your belly pictures.  I love when God gives precious, unexpected gifts!!!

  12. @IssyMae – That would be fabulous!  I’m starting to give up hope… it’s been too long but if you happen upon some I would be over the top happy!  I’ve set it aside for last just in case some comes to light… if not I’ll take it all out and find another grey to start over with… 😦

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