Annual Awards Banquet and 22 Weeks

Good morning!

What a busy end of week and weekend it’s been!  I have pictures to share from the banquet on Friday night and from our big ultrasound.  So I’ll get sharing!

We took most of our pictures before we ever left for the banquet.  It’s a good thing we did!  I had a feeling that we wouldn’t be able to take many during the evening since both of us were participating and boy was I right!  we got exactly ONE picture actually at the banquet!

So here we go…  here I am.  This is my new emergency trip to San Antonio dress.  It was actually very comfortable and appropriate for the evening.  Whew!


 Here is a close up of the top so you can see the rouching.


Here is Ryan all decked out in his mess dress!


 I love how this picture of him turned out… so handsome!


Here we are together… getting ready for a night out on the town!


And when have Ryan and I ever been able to resist goofing off for a formal occasion… or any occasion for that matter?


 Here is the one picture actual from the banquet.  When we first arrived I was given this 8 inch wrist corsage and Ryan was given this medallion that says “2009 Annual Award Nominee.”  Pardon our slightly manic looks… We were in the middle of practicing our formal role in the procedures.   


 The banquet was lovely.  It was a really nice mix of formality, tradition and fun. 

Ryan didn’t win the NCO of the year award for the wing but being one of four nominees was really a great honor!  I’m so very proud of him… even more so after the banquet. 

I got to rub elbows with a few big wigs that know my husband and couldn’t say enough about him.  Hearing someone say, “Mrs. Laube, you have a great man here.  You should be very proud of him!  He truly deserved to win and will always be a winner in my eyes.”  doesn’t exactly fail to move me either!  Since he’s not the kind to come home and tell me that kind of thing it was nice to hear from others that he is an incredible person with talent, a great work ethic, a wonderful attitude and a bright future!

When we got home I took a few pictures just for fun.  This picture shows Ryan with his NCO of the Year award for his squadron.  (The silver eagle) The NCO of the Year award for the MSG (The Texas Plaque) and his NCO of the Year Nominee Medallion.   


 I couldn’t resist this… Can we say the Yellow Rose of Texas?  Do you think that’s why they choose yellow?  *Snicker*

Also I wanted you to see just where in Texas I am… way down there!


One last picture!  I just had to share a picture with you of my hair!  I got asked three times where I had it done for the banquet.  I have to tell you that’s flattering!  I do it myself… this is my everyday up do.  My hair is naturally curly so I have about three options… Up, a ponytail or down.  It’s nice to know someone thinks I paid for it though!  And those roses really were beautiful!


 Okay enough about the banquet!  We will supposedly get a formal picture from the Air Force of us walking through the raised sabres into the banquet room so I’ll share that when we get it.  I also am going on base today again to attend Ryan’s promotion ceremony.  (They are doing it a month late due to the holidays)  I actually get to tack on his stripes!  I’ve never done that before… He’s always sewed on overseas!  We’ll get a picture of that ceremony too… so when they come in I’ll share!

In other news we had our big ultrasound on Friday before the banquet. 

It wasn’t anything all that interesting.  Our tech didn’t talk so we have no real information.  She checked to make sure he was still a boy… check.  His heartbeat was right on… check.  My due date is still on… check.  That’s all I know.  It lasted for about half an hour and at the end she just said that my doctor would get it in the next few days and that I would find out everything at my next appointment.  She did spend a little time trying to get a few good pictures for us though!  So I’ll share those with you…

Here we have a profile shot…


Getting ready to suck his thumb… so cute!


Success!  Thumb sucking has commenced! 


 Then he rolled over and fell asleep with his hands tucked under his chin… Of course this is a skeletal shot so he looks so alien!  LOL 


 This is my absolute favorite!  She finally after much poking and prodding got a face shot!  Just so you know what you’re looking at… this is only a picture of his face from nose down to chin.  He’s about to yawn… I love that you can see his lips and chin…  He looks so much like Ryan!!! 


 And here is my 22 week belly shot! 


 That’s it for me today!  I’m off to get ready for the ceremony this afternoon.  

Happy February!  (Can you believe it’s here already?)





13 thoughts on “Annual Awards Banquet and 22 Weeks

  1. Oh Courtney–you looked BEAUTIFUL!!!  The dress and hair were perfect!  You both look so happy!The U/S pics are so great!  And you look like you’ve popped a bit since your last belly shots.  So pretty!

  2. You looked beautiful in the dress 🙂 And I will say, I’ve ahd to pay to have my hair done like that, so I”m  a bit jealous. *lol* Congrats to Ryna for all his awards!

  3. WOW, WHAT A DRESS!  You are one hot mama… curvy in all the right places!  ;)Ryan looked so studly, too!I’m so glad you guys enjoyed yourselves, and also scored fantastic ultrasound pics!

  4. My heart literally skips a beat every time I see your sweet little baby bump. It’s such a miracle and never fails to move me…usually to tears. It’s so special that you’re finally getting to experience this!I looooove the pictures. Girl you looked beautiful! I’m so glad you and Ryan enjoyed yourselves, and I’m pleased as punch that your little laubester is doing well.Love you!

  5. What great pics! You look stunning and of course how exciting for your husband w/ the awards and such. The baby shots came out good- you can see soooo much w/ the ultrasound. Happy to hear everything is going so well. *hugs*

  6. Love all the pictures and the “checks” on Isaac. I don’t often know what I’m looking at when I see ultrasound pics, but I think I actually saw what you said was in the pics!

  7. You looked gorgeous for the evening ceremony!  I love your dress!  And your hair was beautiful.  I am impressed by it, too!  How fun to get to hear all kinds of praises about your husband.  That has to make you feel good to know that other people realize how amazing he is, too.Awww, cute pictures of little Laubester!  I could tell everything you were describing, too.  Like Kris, I normally can’t tell exactly what people are seeing in u/s pics, but I could this time!  You look beautiful with your baby bump.  🙂

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