Nothing much!

Good Afternoon!

Nothing much going on around this neck of the woods. 

Ryan had to work on Saturday and by the time he got home in the early afternoon I was down and out with a full blown cold… As a result our weekend was pretty much a bust (read we didn’t get anything done) and that’s starting to get a bit stressful. 

I leave for Phoenix for my baby shower (and some family visiting time!) in just a few weeks and there is A LOT that needs to get done before I leave.  I’ll be taking back a car load of stuff because while I’m at home we’ll be doing a garage sale.  Ryan and I have spent the last few weeks going through the house trying to cull down our stuff.  We need to streamline our lifestyle a bit since the rest of our lives will likely be spent moving all over the world and we just can’t afford to haul around boxes that never get opened!  But… with the yard sale happening while I’m in Phoenix we only have a few weeks to finish so that I can take those things back and make a little cash for baby things!  So… time crunch!

When I come back to Texas my mom will be coming with me as I said before to help get the nursery ready for Isaac…  That means that there are things that need to be DONE before she gets here so we can really focus on doing what she is coming here to do and because Ryan has been so busy with work lately that means that it has to be done before I leave!!!  Good thing that spring is in the air around here and I’m all full of energy these days!  I need that spring cleaning boost to help me get through this mess!

But… for today I’m sitting on my tush working on blankets because head colds do not lend to working and sorting…  I had to put the blue and silver blanket on the back burner… I used the very last of my Sterling yarn and so far nothing has come to light for me to buy…  SO I will save it for last just in case something comes up and if not… I’ll unravel the whole thing and find a replacement silver and start over… It’s not like I’ve never started over before! 

My current project is this little beauty in red, chocolate brown and tan…


Here is a close up of the stitch…


I’m loving how it’s turning out!

I guess that’s about it for me today!  I’m off to enjoy the very last leftovers of my newest creations…  (Curried Cream of Cauliflower Soup and Couscous salad with tomatoes, summer squash, and fresh basil with a balsamic vinegarette dressing!  YUMMO!)


Flying, Nursery, Begging is Becoming

Good Evening! 

I can not believe that it’s been a week and a half since I’ve written anything!  Life is just zooming by these days and boy oh boy have I been busy!

First and foremost I have to take a minute to brag on Ryan just one more time!  He found out soon after the awards banquet that he had been selected for an incentive flight.  He’s been in the Air Force for 12 years and through a variety of circumstances (broken planes, last minute deployments, ect.)  he’s never been able to take one before so this was a big deal. 

It was such a neat experience for him.  He got to be fitted for a flight suit and a mask, and he had to do ejector seat training.  He had a blast! 

The only really bad thing from the whole day was that when he showed up on the flight line for the flight the photographer didn’t show!  So there are no pictures of him at all.  12 years of waiting for this flight and there is no record of it… such a bummer!!!!

I found a picture online of the plane he took his flight on so you can see it. 

This is the T-6 Texan.


The coolest part of the whole day was that Ryan actually got to FLY this plane!  This is a training base AND this is one of the training jets AND he got to fly with one of the flight instructors so OBVIOUSLY he got a crash course (sorry poor choice of words) in flying and got to fly the plane! 


Okay I’m done…

Onto the rest of my news.

This past week the second trimester energy has hit me full bore!  In the past week I’ve;

  • Deep cleaned the house (and when I say deep cleaning I mean right down to soaking the elements from the stove top!) 
  • Rearranged my bedroom to accommodate the co sleeper and rocking chair
  • Cleaned out the spare room
  • We turned the spare room into the nursery
  • We sorted through about half of what was in that room into sell, donate, and store piles.
  • We took a trip to San Antonio to register and pick up a few things we needed
  • We fixed the ’98 Honda Shadow and got it ready to sell.

That’s about it but it was not a small amount of work! 

No worries… for all of you worry warts out there, I was very careful, took plenty of breaks, had plenty of water, and didn’t lift anything heavy!  That was a super feat when you consider that I moved a whole room of furniture around.  How did I do it without lifting?  I got out my tool box, took the furniture apart and moved it piece by piece!  Told you I got hit by some insane energy!

Here is my official 24 week photo.  I think maybe I popped… You’ll see… 


I just had to share the pictures of Ryan putting together the crib.  We bought this crib almost five years ago… We bought it as an act of faith after my surgery that God would bless us with a family… We almost got rid of it a dozen times in the intervening years…


 I’m so glad we didn’t.  It’s been to two countries, two states, and lived in the storage and basements of five homes.  And now it has a home of it’s own!

Proud papa!


 What a workout!  Phew!!!


 I’m pretty pleased with it myself!  Here is Isaac with his crib for the very first time!


 Another reason I’m so glad we kept the crib is that I bought it to match an antique dresser that I inherited from my great grandmother.  (You’ll see it in the picture below) The moment I saw the dresser I knew I wanted it for my nursery someday and I’m tickled pink I held onto the dream I had for these two pieces!  It’s also a huge deal to see them together for the very first time!  I was right, they suit each other perfectly!

So here is the basic set up… Much more in the weeks to come.


You might notice the green and red lamps I have hanging above the crib… Keep in mind our nursery theme is pirates… those lanterns are the markers for port and starboard!  Just wait until you see the other tricks I have up my sleeves!

Also, my mother will be coming to visit for a few weeks in April to help me get everything ready before Isaac actually arrives.  One of our big projects is to refinish the antique dresser.  It’s just very scarred up and needs some TLC but it will remain the same color.  She agreed today to help me refinish my rocking chair to match!  I’m so excited!!!

We also got our pack and play/playard/co-sleeper delivered the other day and set it up in our newly rearranged room.  Here it is!

I’m very excited because it has a changing table down the back that flips up… it drops down and becomes a regular playpen… the top comes out and becomes a play mat and it has a light/vibrate/music function as well.  It’s a great alternative for us since we have limited space and weight!


Oh, one more picture from the nursery.  Here is the blanket rack my mother in law got me with the two blankets I have done for Isaac so far.  No worries, it will be FULL to bursting! (This sits on the opposite wall from the crib.)


Speaking of yarn… Here is a plea out to all of you that knit, crochet or craft.  I have a blanket that I am half way through.  I have had this puppy in mind for a son for years and the yarn was purchased for it a few years ago.  I thought I had enough but I had used some of the yarn for other projects as hope dwindled over the years and now, more than half way through I unexpectedly ran out of one of the colors only to find that they no longer make it and I can’t even find it on ebay!!!!  Could you go through your stocks and scraps?  If anyone has even just one skein (two would be preferable) of Bernat Satin in the color Sterling you would be saving my sanity if you let me buy it from you!!! 

Here is the half done blanket…


Here’s a close up of the stitch…


Here is the label of the yarn I’m looking for…

DSC_2827.JPG  DSC_2828.JPG

I guess that’s about it for me today!  I have my regular appointment tomorrow and at that appointment I’ll be getting the official permission from my doc to leave the area.  Then in a few weeks time I’ll be heading back to Phoenix for my baby shower that my mom and sisters are throwing me!  I’m very excited for the trip and the shower… 10 years is a long time to wait between my wedding shower and my first baby shower!  🙂

Well I better get a move on and get some dinner on the table… My husband, myself and my kiddo are getting hungry!

Auf Weidersehen!



Crack Balls!

Good Afternoon!
Today I want to share a real hit recipe! 
We call them Crack Balls!  (Otherwise known as Inside Out Oreos)
I got this recipe from a wonderful lady who is a great friend of mine from when we were stationed in Germany.
This was a blast to make and they were a huge hit!  I sent 100 of these beauties into the office with Ryan yesterday and not a crumb came back… I’m convinced I just turned the whole office into diabetics… but what a way to go!
This recipe will make between 30 and 60 balls (I doubled it to get 100 of them)
You will need:
  • 2 bags of white chocolate chips
  • 1 bag of original oreos (reduced fat is okay, but double stuff does not work)
  • 1 8oz package of cream cheese
Soften the cream cheese. If you have to make the oreos into a fine powder; the best way to do this is by using a food processor.
Now you get to be down and dirty!
Mix the cream cheese with the pulverized oreos until it is like mud (It will look like mud and you’ll probably have to use your hands to mix it well… I did!) roll the mixture into whatever size balls you would like.


 Place them on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and put them in the refrigerator over night. (If you are in a hurry or do it last minute; you can put them in the freezer for about 20 minutes.)


While they are in the freezer; melt your white chocolate.

With white chocolate it’s best to do it in a double boiler because it has a very low scorch point.  If you don’t have one just put an inch or so of water in a pot and bring it to a boil.  Then set a glass or metal bowl in the pot and turn the heat down to medium and stir frequently as it melts. 

So put your chocolate chips in the metal bowl…


 Set them over the heat and stir as they melt…


 Until you get a nice smooth consistency of chocolate.


 Watch your chocolate and don’t let it burn… Then dip the balls and place them back on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper until set.  I stuck mine back in the freezer for a few minutes to speed the process.


 Then trim any messy edges and serve them up!


 Pretty aren’t they?!  These things are so rich and so YUMMY!


All in all I think I spent about an hour and 45 minutes in the kitchen from start to finish for over 100 of these so they aren’t time or labor intensive and they WILL be a hit.




Annual Awards Banquet and 22 Weeks

Good morning!

What a busy end of week and weekend it’s been!  I have pictures to share from the banquet on Friday night and from our big ultrasound.  So I’ll get sharing!

We took most of our pictures before we ever left for the banquet.  It’s a good thing we did!  I had a feeling that we wouldn’t be able to take many during the evening since both of us were participating and boy was I right!  we got exactly ONE picture actually at the banquet!

So here we go…  here I am.  This is my new emergency trip to San Antonio dress.  It was actually very comfortable and appropriate for the evening.  Whew!


 Here is a close up of the top so you can see the rouching.


Here is Ryan all decked out in his mess dress!


 I love how this picture of him turned out… so handsome!


Here we are together… getting ready for a night out on the town!


And when have Ryan and I ever been able to resist goofing off for a formal occasion… or any occasion for that matter?


 Here is the one picture actual from the banquet.  When we first arrived I was given this 8 inch wrist corsage and Ryan was given this medallion that says “2009 Annual Award Nominee.”  Pardon our slightly manic looks… We were in the middle of practicing our formal role in the procedures.   


 The banquet was lovely.  It was a really nice mix of formality, tradition and fun. 

Ryan didn’t win the NCO of the year award for the wing but being one of four nominees was really a great honor!  I’m so very proud of him… even more so after the banquet. 

I got to rub elbows with a few big wigs that know my husband and couldn’t say enough about him.  Hearing someone say, “Mrs. Laube, you have a great man here.  You should be very proud of him!  He truly deserved to win and will always be a winner in my eyes.”  doesn’t exactly fail to move me either!  Since he’s not the kind to come home and tell me that kind of thing it was nice to hear from others that he is an incredible person with talent, a great work ethic, a wonderful attitude and a bright future!

When we got home I took a few pictures just for fun.  This picture shows Ryan with his NCO of the Year award for his squadron.  (The silver eagle) The NCO of the Year award for the MSG (The Texas Plaque) and his NCO of the Year Nominee Medallion.   


 I couldn’t resist this… Can we say the Yellow Rose of Texas?  Do you think that’s why they choose yellow?  *Snicker*

Also I wanted you to see just where in Texas I am… way down there!


One last picture!  I just had to share a picture with you of my hair!  I got asked three times where I had it done for the banquet.  I have to tell you that’s flattering!  I do it myself… this is my everyday up do.  My hair is naturally curly so I have about three options… Up, a ponytail or down.  It’s nice to know someone thinks I paid for it though!  And those roses really were beautiful!


 Okay enough about the banquet!  We will supposedly get a formal picture from the Air Force of us walking through the raised sabres into the banquet room so I’ll share that when we get it.  I also am going on base today again to attend Ryan’s promotion ceremony.  (They are doing it a month late due to the holidays)  I actually get to tack on his stripes!  I’ve never done that before… He’s always sewed on overseas!  We’ll get a picture of that ceremony too… so when they come in I’ll share!

In other news we had our big ultrasound on Friday before the banquet. 

It wasn’t anything all that interesting.  Our tech didn’t talk so we have no real information.  She checked to make sure he was still a boy… check.  His heartbeat was right on… check.  My due date is still on… check.  That’s all I know.  It lasted for about half an hour and at the end she just said that my doctor would get it in the next few days and that I would find out everything at my next appointment.  She did spend a little time trying to get a few good pictures for us though!  So I’ll share those with you…

Here we have a profile shot…


Getting ready to suck his thumb… so cute!


Success!  Thumb sucking has commenced! 


 Then he rolled over and fell asleep with his hands tucked under his chin… Of course this is a skeletal shot so he looks so alien!  LOL 


 This is my absolute favorite!  She finally after much poking and prodding got a face shot!  Just so you know what you’re looking at… this is only a picture of his face from nose down to chin.  He’s about to yawn… I love that you can see his lips and chin…  He looks so much like Ryan!!! 


 And here is my 22 week belly shot! 


 That’s it for me today!  I’m off to get ready for the ceremony this afternoon.  

Happy February!  (Can you believe it’s here already?)