Wish me luck ladies!  What a day this is going to be!

I had my normal appointment yesterday and they sprung on me that I will be having my big in depth hour long ultrasound TODAY!  I have to leave in a few hours for that.  We are super excited but I won’t have time to come back and share…

The reason?

The banquet is tonight!  Just a few hours after my appointment Ryan and I have to report to the base where we will attend a practice run.  That’s right!  We have to PRACTICE!!  At the practice they will also be giving me a corsage and Ryan a medallion. 

Ryan is one of four nominees for NCO of the year for the wing and we just found out that this means we’ll be walking in announced… as in “Presenting Tech Sergeant Ryan A. Laube escorted by his wife Courtney Laube” through a row of raised sabres!  Holy COW!  As we enter they will be displaying pictures of Ryan and I together, him on deployment, and him on his project sites.  Apparently this is a much bigger deal than we were led to believe!  There is even a place where we are to stop and pose for a formal portrait with the sabres behind us… SHEESH! 

I’ll take my camera and leave it at our table… Hopefully I’ll get a chance to get some decent pictures but in any case I believe we are given copies of those taken at the banquet. 

So I’m off for an insanely busy and important day!

Boy am I glad I went to San Antonio to buy a dress…  I was originally going to have to wear a nice shirt and some ill fitting pants with a belly band… that would have been great!  LOL

I’ll do my best to get around tomorrow with pictures and news!



7 thoughts on “HOLY MOLEY!

  1. Take a deep breath and enjoy this day! I know you are excited to have that ultrasound done, enjoy this!!! I am so excited about the banquet, I am pulling for Ryan! Enjoy this time too!!! How exciting for both of you. I do hope that you post some of the photos! I am so glad that you got a nice dress for this special occasion. I know that the formal photo will be treasured in years to come!!! 

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