Little things…

Good afternoon,

There isn’t a whole lot going on around our neck of the woods… and at the same time there are a thousand little things!  Let’s see… where to begin?

I suppose first and foremost I can now share pictures of my recent projects!  I’ve been crocheting up a storm but the problem is that almost everything I’ve worked on has been a gift of one form or another for someone who would see these pictures!  Now that Christmas is over I can share a few of them…  Years ago I was diligent in taking pictures of each finished project but these days I simply don’t remember to pull out the camera each and every time so there are only pictures of about half of my recent projects. 

This is a standard granny square for my nephew, Dylan.


Matching hat.


Granny square for my nephew, Aaron…


And matching hat.


This is a daisy chain pattern for my niece, Savannah…


A trinity stitch multi colored for my nephew, Malaki.


This is a close up of the trinity stitch in oatmeal… this one was full sized and for my Brother in law, Andy.


This is a triple wave stitch that I did for my sister, Becky and her husband Ty.


This is a peacock stitch that I did for my sister Charly and her husband Zach.


This is also a peacock stitch I did for my mom and dad.


I also had blankets for Ryan’s parents, Denny and Cheryl, and one for my sister in law Josie.  But I forgot to get pictures of them before I wrapped them!

I also made a few hats for our Godson, Derick.  I only have pictures of two of them but they were my favorite two anyhow. 

This is a watchcap…


And this is absolutely my favorite hat I have EVER made.  An earflap hat with a Monster stitched on the front! 


See my monster!?  So fun!!!


I also have a few pictures of the projects I’ve been working on for Isaac when he arrives.  So far I have one standard granny square blanket in yellow (at the time I did not yet know if we were expecting a boy or a girl) and a baby hat in the same yarn… and I’m almost finished with a bobble stitch square blanket in cream. 

Here is the yellow granny square…


And hat!  (Baby hats might just be Ryan’s favorite things that I make so there will probably be plenty!)


And then here is my current project.


Here is a close up of the stitch…


Unfortunately for all other projects for Isaac I’ll have to either appeal to my mother to ship me yarn or make a trip into San Antonio.   There isn’t anywhere here to purchase yarn other than the smallest yarn section I’ve ever seen in our Walmart.  So much for one of the perks I was expecting to partake of when I moved back stateside!


Oh, there is another awesome tid bit!  We received a package from my mother in law yesterday that just sent me into fits!  I’m so excited about these and Ryan just about flipped when he came home and saw them sitting on the table! 

The Hallmark Recordable Storybooks!

Bright and Beautiful… which is based on the hymn.


All the Ways I Love You… which is so cute!  It’s probably my favorite of the two!


We saw a commercial for these a month or so before Christmas and just knew that we HAD to have them.  In case you don’t know about them… They are a story book that is entirely recordable.  You hit record and read each page aloud, one by one and then lock it in.  Then your child can turn the pages (or you can for them of course) and your voice reads each page. 


They are perfect for Ryan!  Can you imagine how much Isaac will treasure being read to sleep each night by his father’s voice when Ryan is half a world away serving a deployment?  I have every intention of using these even when Isaac is a baby so that when Ryan comes home his voice is familiar and loved by our son.   

Thanks Mom! 


I also have a copy of Ryan’s official picture for NCO of the year for his group.  Doesn’t he look so handsome?


AND…  We just found out last week that he’s been nominated for NCO of the Year for the wing! 

As a result of that nomination we are attending the annual awards banquet on Thursday night.  We had to take an emergency trip to San Antonio this past weekend to find me an appropriate dress for the occasion.  I have a few things I keep in my closet for just such a surprise occasion… but I don’t exactly keep anything semi formal on hand for being pregnant!  So after a long exhausting day of shopping and way more money than I would ever want to spend on any dress (let alone for a pregnancy dress) I’m set for Thursday night. 

My fingers are crossed that Ryan wins and that we have a wonderful time!

In any case…  He needed a much more formal picture for this wing nomination.  So here is that one!


He also had to write a biography of his career, send pictures of him and me together, him on a deployment, and him doing site visits for the projects he is working on.  It’s a big deal! 

Wish him luck!


That’s about it going on around here.  We have so much to do over the next few months that my head is spinning.  Here’s the short list!

Get the last of my papers together so that I can file taxes.  Huzzah!  They are filed!
Fix our ’98 Honda Shadow ACE and get is sold!
Clean out the nursery ie unpack the rest of our boxes!
Make yet another trip to San Antonio so we can register.

Along with about a thousand other things!

And with that I suppose I should bid you Aufwiedersehen and get on with it!




18 thoughts on “Little things…

  1. I’m sooooo impressed!!!!  And I adore that monster hat!!!!  Courtney, you are SO talented!!  Can you recommend a good website/tutorial for crocheting?  I knit and just learned to make a hat on a loom, but that’s it.  Read my current entry to see my frustration with crocheting. Now you need to make some stuff for your own little man!!!

  2. Courtney your handcrafted gifts are just breathtaking! You have so much talent, I know that everyone LOVED their gifts! I love the blanket you have been working on for your little fella. What a beautiful stitch! I have to be honest though, that monster hat is darling!!!Good luck to Ryan. I know you are very proud as you should be!I know that those books will be one of the favorites of Isaac will wear them out!!! What a truly thoughtful gift!!!  

  3. Oh my goodness I’m with Emily, I would SO buy one!! You are so talented and I love love love everything you’ve made!!Yayyy for Ryan! Wow. I know you’re so proud. I hope you both have an awesome time Thursday and that he wins. Those recordable books are so awesome! I’ve never heard of them, but what a neat thing!Love

  4. Soooo… would you be interested in SELLING me a blankie?? I could buy yarn and send it to you, if you just tell me what a “good” yarn is at a place like Jo-Ann’s.. Congratulations to Ryan! That is incredible! I am seriously just overflowing with happiness for you guys.. God is soo good to you.

  5. I love to crochet too, and have had to ask people to let me take pictures of my gifts to them when I would visit cause I forgot before wrapping, too!Do you have an account with If so, I’m dorianrae – let’s be friends :). If not, you should.  You’ll find all kinds of interesting patterns, workmanship, and craftwork there.  I’d love to see some of your work posted there, too.I know that WalMart has a poor excuse for a yarn section, now and I am frustrated with them, too.  They used to be much better only five years ago.  However, JoAnn Fabrics and Hobby Lobby have the better selections – with Hobby Lobby being the better of the two, since they even have some fabulous wool yarn to offer.  However, if it’s a project I like, and I know what brand of yarn I want to use, I go online to buy it. I just made some shrugs for my daughters-in-law for Christmas and got the Simply Soft yarn by Caron from Annie’s Attic in the purple color I wanted for the one young lady, and in the bright green color for the other.  I just couldn’t find those colors in the stores.  The prices on line weren’t that awful, and the shipping was decent, too.  I think I only spent $5 more than I would have at any store; but the happy grins were worth it :).jus’mecm

  6. I can’t get over the pink/orange blanket and the blue/green hat – I’m in love! Ugh, I need to learn how to do that!I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Ryan – and he does look snazzy in his pictures! 🙂

  7. I love your blankets and hats!  Did you use patterns for any of those, especially the hats?  If you did and you’re willing to share, I’d love to have them.  I’m always on the lookout for a good hat pattern.  🙂

  8. Such talent! I love your photos as much as your projects. The ear flap hat with the monster is TOO cute! How cool that you made it (and all the others).Hope you’re having fun tonight.Steve just called a few hours ago…he’s alive and survived the Water Survival course. Yay me; my husband lives!

  9. @watchmefadeto100 – I would love to sell you one!  LOL  Go into any fabric store (Joann’s is my favorite) and find a yarn you really like or two or three colors.  Make sure it’s either a baby yarn or a yarn that is super soft to the touch…Regular yarn works up a bit too rough for baby blankets.  I tend to go with Caron simply soft if I’m not using a baby yarn.  (I’m assuming you want a baby blanket, if not, then any normal yarn will do.)  Also stay away from wool because washing it is difficult and it can sometimes ruin the project.  Then Message me with what you’re thinking of size wise…  (simple and small or crib size ect and what kind of pattern do you have in mind) and I’ll let you know how much of each color I would need and we’ll work out the details.  Just let me know!

  10. Wow!  You have been one busy lady!  Whew!  I’m exhausted just thinking of how much time you must have spent doing all of those!  And with being sick for so long!  Wowzers!  I love everything that you made.  The blanket for Savannah and the monster hat have to be my favorites though.  Oh and the blanket that was in progress at the time you wrote this for Isaac.  Now who is Malaki?  I don’t remember you talking about him before.How precious that your MIL sent you those books!  They are perfect!  I don’t know if you heard about it, but when one of the space shuttles went up into space, before the dad left, he video taped himself doing bedtime stories or devotions or something (it was so long ago that I can’t remember!) for his kids to listen to at bedtime for the length of time he’d be gone.  He was on the shuttle that ended up crashing.  I can’t imagine how precious those tapes must be to those kids.  I know Isaac will love those books of his daddy’s voice!

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