Hugely exciting and Completely Unexpected!

Hello!  It’s been quite a while…

I changed my site all around and my music.  It seems that this will be the theme song for my pregnancy… it keeps getting stuck in my head and I hear it in my dreams… so it’s just going to stick!


Ryan and I had a wonderful Christmas and New Years with the family!  It was so good to be with everyone for a holiday again. 

I’ll have to talk about all of that later though because I have big unexpected news!!!

First off I have to share some pictures!  The first one you’ve seen… this is me at 13 weeks pregnant.


This is me just a few days before Christmas at about 16 weeks pregnant.  Holy Moley!


And here I am yesterday at 18 weeks and 4 days.


Now for the big unexpected news! 

I had my regular Doctor’s appointment today.  After the expected question and answer session and all the regular information that comes along with this kind of appointment he asked the question I had been waiting for. 

“Any questions?”

I said “Yep, just one!  When do we get to find out the sex of the baby?”

He smiled and said… “Do you want to take a peek now?”

Ryan and I grinned at each other and said a big enthusiastic, “Yes please!”

We were escorted into the ultrasound room and set up.  We were so excited as the lights went off… 

And then there the baby was.  The doctor showed us the head and neck… the length of the spine and the rump.  The baby was sitting with legs drawn up to chest just waving those little arms around and then the doctor slid the picture to the side and showed us the face.  The baby was sitting there opening and closing it’s mouth and looking so much like Ryan it was crazy!

And then the big moment… Another adjustment by the doctor… a little kicking by the baby and then this!


Can you see?  Can you tell?




Yes, our little Laubester is a boy…  This means that baby has a name and the nursery has a theme!  πŸ™‚

The nursery theme will be…


Cotton Tale Pirate Cove to be exact…


We will pull in a bit of Peter Pan and Captain Hook just for fun and our animal of choice will be stuffed Alligators!  Fun Fun Fun!


Now for the all important name…

Our son’s name will be, Isaac Orion Laube.

The name Isaac means, Laughter.  We choose it because in a way it will be this baby’s heritage.  If the Laube men are famous for something it’s laughing and making other’s laugh.  It’s an added bonus that the name comes from the story of Sarah.  Sarah could not bear children and was already very aged at the time of his conception. She chose the name Isaac because she had laughed at the messengers of God announcing that she would finally have a son.

The name Orion means, Son of Fire or Hunter on the Mountain.  This name is my way of naming our baby after his Dad without actually having a junior. 

The name together, Laughing Son of Fire, is pretty much a perfect description of our personalities together…  He has the laughter and I have the temper!  πŸ™‚

So all in all that was our hugely exciting and completely unexpected day! 

I guess I had better get a move on… Dinner won’t make itself and me and the Laube boys are getting hungry! 





30 thoughts on “Hugely exciting and Completely Unexpected!

  1. A boy!  Isaac Orion is a great name, with wonderful meanings!  Ryan, Courtney, and Isaac.  Love it!I have to say that your new header is lovely!  That picture of you makes me shiver.  I’m so happy for you, Courtney.  So so so sooo happy.

  2. Oh Courtney you are just glowing and so beautiful, pregnancy becomes you!!!I love the name you chose for your little fella. Orion was my Grandfathers middle name!!! He was a kind and gentle man, but that was only after the Lord got ahold of his heart. He tells of the temper he once had and that God delivered him from the temper. I think of this every time I hear the name. The good thing is that the fire and passion remained and became a mighty trait of this fine man. I love what this name stands for. As for Isaac, you could not have chose a better name. How wonderful that you will be able to share the story of Sarah, and how God had given her the child he had promised. I think you did great with the name for your son!    

  3. i love the name and love the theme!  love that he’s lookin’ good too!! congrats to you and ryan!! i have really enjoyed reading about your fairytales overseas, but reading about this is wonderful and much much better!

  4. Congrats!  Adorable name too!  Finally someone I ‘know’ is having a boy!  3 co-workers at work are pregnant and all due between april and july and so far its 2 girls that we told the last dont even get the test you’re having a girl too.

  5. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I so love when friends share the chosen name before the birth!  It gives us all time to be excited about the name. πŸ™‚  Ryan is thrilled to have a son, right?  πŸ™‚  I just love seeing your belly!!!  It has a baby boy in it!!!!!Smiling for you!!!

  6. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The name Isaac isn’t just a great name, it’s so appropriate. I can tell you that I LOVE the Abraham & Sarah story and the Hannah story because of the longing for children. It’s no accident that my middle name means “little Hannah” in Dutch. I LOVE the “yesterday” shot of you. So classy and beautiful. I’d love to see you before we move…let’s try to find a time in the next 4wks. I’m SO happy for you guys! I see the joy in the changes on your site.

  7. @sharingjoy – Thanks and I agree!  It’s the reason we found out too… I just need the time to call him something other than it and the baby!  LOL  I love knowing WHO is coming ahead of time!!!  And yes… Ryan is over the moon about having a playmate!  LOL

  8. @BigToePeople – I would really really love to see you guys too before you go!  We’ve both of us been so insanely busy lately and I regret we didn’t get to spend some real time together before you moved on… At least I have the comfort of knowing that I’ll KNOW you for a very long time… and hey, it’s a small AF!  I’ve almost called you a dozen times this week but we have roofers supposedly coming and they keep putting it off for weather… that wouldn’t be a big deal if they weren’t going to tear up the back room completely!  What a pain!!!!  Let me know when would be good for you though… I have no problem having you here if you don’t mind a partial construction zone…  I’m tired of waiting for these problems to be resolved… it’s been months now!  Let me know your schedule and we’ll figure something out!

  9. Oh goodness.  I thought I had already commented on this awhile back!  I’m sorry I’m just now getting to this.  I’m slowly trying to catch up on all my subs. I LOVE your new header and the song on your site.  Perfect.  And the belly shot of you at the top is absolutely stunning!  I love it!  You look wonderful, Courtney, and I just had a huge grin on my face seeing the pictures of you and reading about your news.Congratulations on a BOY!  You’re having a son!  How exciting!  And I love his name and the meaning/reasoning behind both names!

  10. @fallensparrow – Maybe Friday? Just got back from my IUI (another painful one, so I’m TIRED). Tomorrow I have double yoga at the gym (which means I’ll be pretty useless in the afternoon) and Thurs looks pretty busy with a babysitting gig. But I think Friday would be good if you want to try to get together. I can have you over or if you still have to be there for some workers, I’m happy to come your way too. Or we can find a time next week if Fri is bad.

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