Wish me luck ladies!  What a day this is going to be!

I had my normal appointment yesterday and they sprung on me that I will be having my big in depth hour long ultrasound TODAY!  I have to leave in a few hours for that.  We are super excited but I won’t have time to come back and share…

The reason?

The banquet is tonight!  Just a few hours after my appointment Ryan and I have to report to the base where we will attend a practice run.  That’s right!  We have to PRACTICE!!  At the practice they will also be giving me a corsage and Ryan a medallion. 

Ryan is one of four nominees for NCO of the year for the wing and we just found out that this means we’ll be walking in announced… as in “Presenting Tech Sergeant Ryan A. Laube escorted by his wife Courtney Laube” through a row of raised sabres!  Holy COW!  As we enter they will be displaying pictures of Ryan and I together, him on deployment, and him on his project sites.  Apparently this is a much bigger deal than we were led to believe!  There is even a place where we are to stop and pose for a formal portrait with the sabres behind us… SHEESH! 

I’ll take my camera and leave it at our table… Hopefully I’ll get a chance to get some decent pictures but in any case I believe we are given copies of those taken at the banquet. 

So I’m off for an insanely busy and important day!

Boy am I glad I went to San Antonio to buy a dress…  I was originally going to have to wear a nice shirt and some ill fitting pants with a belly band… that would have been great!  LOL

I’ll do my best to get around tomorrow with pictures and news!


Little things…

Good afternoon,

There isn’t a whole lot going on around our neck of the woods… and at the same time there are a thousand little things!  Let’s see… where to begin?

I suppose first and foremost I can now share pictures of my recent projects!  I’ve been crocheting up a storm but the problem is that almost everything I’ve worked on has been a gift of one form or another for someone who would see these pictures!  Now that Christmas is over I can share a few of them…  Years ago I was diligent in taking pictures of each finished project but these days I simply don’t remember to pull out the camera each and every time so there are only pictures of about half of my recent projects. 

This is a standard granny square for my nephew, Dylan.


Matching hat.


Granny square for my nephew, Aaron…


And matching hat.


This is a daisy chain pattern for my niece, Savannah…


A trinity stitch multi colored for my nephew, Malaki.


This is a close up of the trinity stitch in oatmeal… this one was full sized and for my Brother in law, Andy.


This is a triple wave stitch that I did for my sister, Becky and her husband Ty.


This is a peacock stitch that I did for my sister Charly and her husband Zach.


This is also a peacock stitch I did for my mom and dad.


I also had blankets for Ryan’s parents, Denny and Cheryl, and one for my sister in law Josie.  But I forgot to get pictures of them before I wrapped them!

I also made a few hats for our Godson, Derick.  I only have pictures of two of them but they were my favorite two anyhow. 

This is a watchcap…


And this is absolutely my favorite hat I have EVER made.  An earflap hat with a Monster stitched on the front! 


See my monster!?  So fun!!!


I also have a few pictures of the projects I’ve been working on for Isaac when he arrives.  So far I have one standard granny square blanket in yellow (at the time I did not yet know if we were expecting a boy or a girl) and a baby hat in the same yarn… and I’m almost finished with a bobble stitch square blanket in cream. 

Here is the yellow granny square…


And hat!  (Baby hats might just be Ryan’s favorite things that I make so there will probably be plenty!)


And then here is my current project.


Here is a close up of the stitch…


Unfortunately for all other projects for Isaac I’ll have to either appeal to my mother to ship me yarn or make a trip into San Antonio.   There isn’t anywhere here to purchase yarn other than the smallest yarn section I’ve ever seen in our Walmart.  So much for one of the perks I was expecting to partake of when I moved back stateside!


Oh, there is another awesome tid bit!  We received a package from my mother in law yesterday that just sent me into fits!  I’m so excited about these and Ryan just about flipped when he came home and saw them sitting on the table! 

The Hallmark Recordable Storybooks!

Bright and Beautiful… which is based on the hymn.


All the Ways I Love You… which is so cute!  It’s probably my favorite of the two!


We saw a commercial for these a month or so before Christmas and just knew that we HAD to have them.  In case you don’t know about them… They are a story book that is entirely recordable.  You hit record and read each page aloud, one by one and then lock it in.  Then your child can turn the pages (or you can for them of course) and your voice reads each page. 


They are perfect for Ryan!  Can you imagine how much Isaac will treasure being read to sleep each night by his father’s voice when Ryan is half a world away serving a deployment?  I have every intention of using these even when Isaac is a baby so that when Ryan comes home his voice is familiar and loved by our son.   

Thanks Mom! 


I also have a copy of Ryan’s official picture for NCO of the year for his group.  Doesn’t he look so handsome?


AND…  We just found out last week that he’s been nominated for NCO of the Year for the wing! 

As a result of that nomination we are attending the annual awards banquet on Thursday night.  We had to take an emergency trip to San Antonio this past weekend to find me an appropriate dress for the occasion.  I have a few things I keep in my closet for just such a surprise occasion… but I don’t exactly keep anything semi formal on hand for being pregnant!  So after a long exhausting day of shopping and way more money than I would ever want to spend on any dress (let alone for a pregnancy dress) I’m set for Thursday night. 

My fingers are crossed that Ryan wins and that we have a wonderful time!

In any case…  He needed a much more formal picture for this wing nomination.  So here is that one!


He also had to write a biography of his career, send pictures of him and me together, him on a deployment, and him doing site visits for the projects he is working on.  It’s a big deal! 

Wish him luck!


That’s about it going on around here.  We have so much to do over the next few months that my head is spinning.  Here’s the short list!

Get the last of my papers together so that I can file taxes.  Huzzah!  They are filed!
Fix our ’98 Honda Shadow ACE and get is sold!
Clean out the nursery ie unpack the rest of our boxes!
Make yet another trip to San Antonio so we can register.

Along with about a thousand other things!

And with that I suppose I should bid you Aufwiedersehen and get on with it!



20 Week Update!

Good Afternoon!

Today is a huge milestone for me.

I’m 20 weeks pregnant… Half way through!

After all these years of trying I’m honestly still having a hard time grasping that this is real!  Read that last sentence to say that I have done nothing to get ready for this little guy!  Well, I’ve bought a few outfits but that about it… Want to see?

These first two were bought for the baby for Christmas by Ryan’s mom.  So cute right?

DSC_2582.JPG   DSC_2583.JPG

These are outfits that Ryan and I bought together… for the record we love dinosaur stuff!  🙂

DSC_2579.JPG  DSC_2581.JPG

This one is so fun… Do you see the little Dino feet socks? 


These last three are special.  Ryan and I bought them years and years ago for our hope chest.  It was so much fun to pull them out of storage… I had almost given them away but just couldn’t quite part with them… Now I’m so glad that I didn’t!

This first one says, “I LOVE MY AIR FORCE DAD


NOBODY PUTS BABY IN THE CORNER” For those of you who know Ryan you know the joke behind this and it’s just so funny for us!


And of course… what child of Ryan’s wouldn’t be a… “JEDI IN TRAINING“?


That’s all so far.  I’m working on a registry and I’m going to have to make a trip to San Antonio soon so that I can do some of it in person. 

(Speaking of my registry…  Could all of you moms out there give me your top three ‘can’t live without’ items?)

Everything is going remarkably well.  I am completely over the morning sickness now and I feel great! 

I felt Isaac kick for the first time (the first tiny little flutter) at 13 weeks and a bit.  Nowadays I feel him all the time.  Ryan has been able to feel him kick for a few weeks now and just last night we both got him to react by pressing on him and getting him to kick us back!  So fun!

I am also at the point where I really look pregnant all the time!  Yippee!

Here is my official 20 week belly picture.


I’m also hungry ALL THE TIME… which leads me to my final out…  I’m off to root through the pantry like the pig I’ve become for something lovely to eat!  (I’ll probably have to settle for something less than stellar as I need to grocery shop but Ryan has the car…  but a girl can dream right?)

So, until next time!



Pardon my grandstanding!

Today I have to just take a moment to brag on my husband! 

In the six months we’ve been here in Del Rio, TX he has received the award for NCO* of the Quarter twice.  We just found out that he also made NCO* of the Year for both his office and the group (he’s also been nominated for the wing but we won’t know if he got it for a while)  We also just found out that he was nominated for one of the 12 categories of Airman of the Year, Air Force wide.  That’s a long shot coming from such a small base but just the nomination is a HUGE honor. 

*NCO stands for Non Commissioned Officer 

To top all of that off… He sewed on Tech Sergeant on the 1st of January. 

So now I’m Mrs. Tsgt. Ryan A. Laube!


I am so very proud of him, for his hard work and dedication to his duties and in turn to our family. 

I’m proud to call him my husband and my best friend.

It sometimes takes sacrifice… long hours, days, weeks, and months alone… but knowing that he loves what he does and that he does it for us makes it all fade away.  I’ve learned over the years to enjoy the moments we have with each other and to endure the lonely moments in the sure knowledge that Ryan believes he is right where God wants him to be and that he is fulfilled in his life…  Who could ask for more? 

With all my heart Ryan…

I can’t wait for our son to know you and to discover just what an amazing man you are!



Another New Arrival (A few months late…)

Good Morning!

I have several things to write about that are LONG overdue…  So today I’m going to take the opportunity to share one of them (the most recent of course!)

The birth of my newest nephew, Aaron Isaac.  He is the first child of my sister, Charly, and Ryan’s brother, Zach, who got married two years ago.

I went home in early October to meet my other Nephew, Dylan (who was born in August and who I wrote about HERE) and to be there for the birth of Aaron if I could.

I made sure to get a few shots of the expecting parents! 



Anxiously awaiting…


And then one morning in the wee small hours both Mom and I got a wake up call…  He was on his way!

Only a few hours later he was here! 


A beautiful boy with all his fingers and toes born on October 14th.


Then Daddy got to put on his very first diaper!


One happy family!  Doesn’t my sister look radiant? 


Tired family too!


True love…


He’s one long kiddo! 


 Long toes and his daddy’s “window toenails!”


 Fuzzy baby chin!


And beautiful hands…


He had the cord wrapped around his neck FOUR times and as a result has a very LONG neck… But it doesn’t seem to bother him much…


Ink feet!


Welcome to the world Aaron! 


 A few days later I got the call…  They were going home from the hospital…  So off I ran with my camera to capture the momentous event!

All ready to go… 


 Daddy getting the carrier all ready…


One last change of clothes…


 And some papers to sign…  I kid you not… the nurse actually said “He’s yours, no exchanges or returns!” 


 Here we go buddy!


 My beautiful sister!


 All set…


 And off they go!


 Home at last…  Now what? 


 When Aaron turned exactly one week old I was called in to do a quick photo shoot.  What fun!

Can you find the baby?


 There he is!


The Laube family trait… “The Hair-o-cane” 


A mother’s hands… 


Will keep you safe.


A father’s hands will lift you up…


And teach you how to grow…


 And of course it will be his job to teach you who to root for.  Why not start early?


 Father and son… together in love for the Steelers… for now! 


 Cute baby feet… made to “Steel” your heart…


Of course fall babies must have pumpkins… As both Charly and I are October babies we just knew we couldn’t cheat this little guy!  So we obliged…


And what a cute little pumpkin he is!



 This has to be my favorite set of photographes from the day… Baby on a stack of blankets…  (Yep those are the ones I made him!)


Isn’t he beautiful!?


 He loves to stretch out… 


 He has lovely skin that just glows in the sunlight…


 Adorable baby arms with rolls upon rolls…


And a cute baby bum!


My favorite!

Cute baby cheeks… and cupid’s bow mouth…


Beautiful family! 



It was a lovely trip full of babies and new promise!  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for these new little lives…

Until later,



Hugely exciting and Completely Unexpected!

Hello!  It’s been quite a while…

I changed my site all around and my music.  It seems that this will be the theme song for my pregnancy… it keeps getting stuck in my head and I hear it in my dreams… so it’s just going to stick!


Ryan and I had a wonderful Christmas and New Years with the family!  It was so good to be with everyone for a holiday again. 

I’ll have to talk about all of that later though because I have big unexpected news!!!

First off I have to share some pictures!  The first one you’ve seen… this is me at 13 weeks pregnant.


This is me just a few days before Christmas at about 16 weeks pregnant.  Holy Moley!


And here I am yesterday at 18 weeks and 4 days.


Now for the big unexpected news! 

I had my regular Doctor’s appointment today.  After the expected question and answer session and all the regular information that comes along with this kind of appointment he asked the question I had been waiting for. 

“Any questions?”

I said “Yep, just one!  When do we get to find out the sex of the baby?”

He smiled and said… “Do you want to take a peek now?”

Ryan and I grinned at each other and said a big enthusiastic, “Yes please!”

We were escorted into the ultrasound room and set up.  We were so excited as the lights went off… 

And then there the baby was.  The doctor showed us the head and neck… the length of the spine and the rump.  The baby was sitting with legs drawn up to chest just waving those little arms around and then the doctor slid the picture to the side and showed us the face.  The baby was sitting there opening and closing it’s mouth and looking so much like Ryan it was crazy!

And then the big moment… Another adjustment by the doctor… a little kicking by the baby and then this!


Can you see?  Can you tell?




Yes, our little Laubester is a boy…  This means that baby has a name and the nursery has a theme!  🙂

The nursery theme will be…


Cotton Tale Pirate Cove to be exact…


We will pull in a bit of Peter Pan and Captain Hook just for fun and our animal of choice will be stuffed Alligators!  Fun Fun Fun!


Now for the all important name…

Our son’s name will be, Isaac Orion Laube.

The name Isaac means, Laughter.  We choose it because in a way it will be this baby’s heritage.  If the Laube men are famous for something it’s laughing and making other’s laugh.  It’s an added bonus that the name comes from the story of Sarah.  Sarah could not bear children and was already very aged at the time of his conception. She chose the name Isaac because she had laughed at the messengers of God announcing that she would finally have a son.

The name Orion means, Son of Fire or Hunter on the Mountain.  This name is my way of naming our baby after his Dad without actually having a junior. 

The name together, Laughing Son of Fire, is pretty much a perfect description of our personalities together…  He has the laughter and I have the temper!  🙂

So all in all that was our hugely exciting and completely unexpected day! 

I guess I had better get a move on… Dinner won’t make itself and me and the Laube boys are getting hungry!