Epic blogger fail…

Good morning, 

I had these grandiose ideas about writing quite a few posts before I left for Christmas but in reality life has been a little out of control…  We had a Christmas parade that Ryan participated in, the squadron Christmas party which was a blast and plumbers in and out of the house every day for a week… with little to no change in our plumbing situation.  We have been busy planning our trip home and getting things ready to go… and suddenly…  We leave tomorrow morning at 4am!

So I’ll be gone for two weeks.  I hope to be back shortly after our return.  I should have some pictures to share and I still have some things waiting in the wings to be talked about! 

For now however I am consumed.  We are both driving tomorrow.  We need to sell our truck and it’s just not selling in this small town so we’re taking it home to Phoenix to sell there.  We are also taking some furniture in the truck that we need to sell because our household goods are overweight and we’ll be adding another person and their stuff to our household in a matter of months!  We also have to take the boys home with us so the preparations are taking forever and way too much of my brain power!  I am NOT looking forward to this 13 hour drive with the dogs in the car, my absolute morning exhaustion and my still queasy in the morning stomach.  It’s going to be a long grueling day!  Luckily on the return trip we’ll all be in one car together so we can switch off driving!  Huzzah!!! 

In other news I’m 16 weeks pregnant today.  Ryan and I were talking last night and it’s still so surreal to both of us…  We’ve been married and alone for so very long that it’s just not sinking in that in a matter of months everything will change!  CRAZY!!!  Don’t get me wrong we’re so excited but it’s just so otherworldly for us after all these years of longing… 

Just out of curiosity…  I felt the baby kick once almost two weeks ago… I had just eaten something VERY spicy and was sitting cross legged in tight pants LOL.  Keep in mind that I have been VERY aware of what my digestive track feels like after my surgery (we were trained to pay close attention in case anything was wrong) If it wasn’t for the fact that my stomach was gurgling away I would have NEVER know that what I felt was the baby but it happened at exactly the same time as some other rumbling 🙂 and I could tell it just wasn’t from the right place exactly… all that added to the fact that it felt exactly like popping popcorn… I just knew that’s what it was!   BUT I haven’t felt anything but a small bump once in a while (maybe three times a week) since.  So I’m curious…  When did you start really feeling your baby move consistently during your pregnancy?

Okay that’s it for me today… I’m off to finish packing and getting the house ready to be closed down.  I hope Ryan gets home early today because I need help and we need to hit the hay EARLY!!!!

All my love and best wishes for your holidays with family.  I’ll be back soon,



15 thoughts on “Epic blogger fail…

  1. I want to say I was around 15-16 weeks when I first recognized Abby as squirming around in there. She didn’t move around a whole lot compared to what I hear from some people, but I would say I felt her moving regularly around 18-20 weeks. Normally the kiddo sets up a pattern of day/night/sleep/wake cycles so you will get used to that and be able to predict when more movement will occur. I’m so happy for both of you!Love-Snow

  2. Courtney it sounds like you are right on track. I was about 4 months when I noticed the movement. My son did not respond to food, he responded very much to music. He would be quiet and all was good till the music started in Church. When I was very close to delivery he would kick so hard every time the music started that I would lose my breath (he kicked me in the lungs very often) It was kind of funny. Needless to say I listened to lots of soothing music during my pregnancy. The boy still has a love for music, it can make him jump and dance or quiet his being just by the type of music he listens to. I love it!!! Its kind of something that we shared even before he was born, this is one of those Mothers joys!Merry Christmas, have a wonderful time with your family. I will be praying for your safe travels. Enjoy these last few months with Ryan, because your life will never again be the same!  I am just so thrilled that things are going so well, what a blessing!!!

  3. i think it was around 15 or 16 wks? they started as little flutters and got stronger and stronger, until it looks and feels like an alien in your tummy. hehe. good luck with the long drive!!! i’m praying for the queasy to stay far far away!

  4. 10 weeks was my first time. I was on bedrest and very aware of it. Then it was 15 weeks the next time I felt it (and of course, I freaked out the entire time that the baby was gone, because of the long gap!), then I think 17ish weeks at least once a day. At 20 some weeks, it was regularly throughout my day. Yay! How cool!

  5. How exciting to feel your little miracle! I pray that it starts happening more regularly so you can enjoy it. Praying you have a safe, easy, non-queasy drive and a wonderful time with your family.Merry Christmas! Love!

  6. Have a safe trip home!  I felt my first early–at about 14-15 weeks, and it was so tiny.  But I would feel it every so often, so that sounds about normal for what you’re feeling!  With my other two I didn’t feel it until later.

  7. I hope that the long drive “alone” went well and you made it safely!  I can’t imagine making that drive without someone else in the car, and then to be feeling the way you do…oh my!  How fun to be back with family though!  I hope you are able to enjoy every moment of the holidays.  Next year you will have your little one along for the trip, too!  How exciting!Merry Christmas, Courtney!

  8. I felt Johanna at 16 weeks, thought it was gas bubbles, then realized it wasn’t going away.  It felt like popcorn, and got stronger if I lay flat on my back.  Have fun feeling your BABY!!!  I’m still so excited for you!

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