14 (Almost 15) week appointment

Guten Tag!

Once again more than a week has flown by since my last…  How in the world did I do two picture posts a week while living in Germany?!

I have a post in the works but it will have to wait for today since my time is a bit shorter than I had anticipated. 

I am currently awaiting a surprise visit from a plumber.  We have had serious problems on and off with this house since the moment we moved in over 4 months ago.  We are now dealing with a guest toilet that has saturated the carpet all around the pedestal… (I hate carpet in bathrooms but what are you going to do?)  And my absolute favorite?  Our master bathroom shower had a leak when we moved in.  Now it doesn’t turn off at all!  We had to install a valve above the shower head so we can completely cut off the water flow…  The water is leaking into the wall and now there is a puddle of water on the floor of the garage (the bathroom shares the wall with the garage)  The home owner has been aware of this issue since we moved in and said to just live with it but it just gets worse and worse and finally we insisted.  I feel a little bad for the homeowner because it’s going to be bad and expensive.  The way the bathroom is all set up they are either going to have to cut a huge hole in the figer glass shower wall to fix it and then patch that… rip out the wall in the garage… or rip out the tile on the other side of the wall…  But you know what?  It’s not my problem.  These are unacceptable and unsafe (think of all the mold in that wall) living conditions.  So all that said… the plumber called almost 2 hours ago to say he’d be here in 20 minutes…  Yep… still waiting.

We also still have huge amounts of leaking in the living room and around (and in) the fireplace.  About two months ago he finally sent a roofer out to look at the problems.  They found that whomever put the addition onto the house not only did not follow code with the slope of the roof but didn’t use any kind of tar paper or barrier between the shingles and the plywood.  As a result, when it rains, the water puddles on the inadequately sloped roof and then runs down the nail holes and fills the roof and then the walls of the entire room.  The water runs between the panes of the six double pained windows because the moisture barriers have been compromised as well.  The home owner decided that he needed a second opinion because, and I quote, “This is supposed to be a very wet winter so we need to make sure it’s taken care of.”  Two months later we’re still waiting for the second opinion guy to come out.  We’re also very concerned about mold in the walls and ceiling of that room… because… so far… it’s been a very wet winter. 

Okay enough grouchy news. 

This morning I had my 14 week appointment…  (which got pushed back to 14 weeks and 5 days because of a scheduling issue at the doctor’s office)

Everything went perfectly and they even did another ultrasound.  So of course I have new pictures!

Here is a full picture… I have absolutely no idea what this picture is supposed to show.  The baby had it’s back to us and was head down (to the bottom left of this picture) that white floating dot is a hand in motion and other than that I couldn’t tell you.  I believe that this picture was printed out to show the heartbeat, which was a healthy 158 beats per minute.


This picture I get!  I know what all those pieces parts are (because the doctor told me so! 🙂  Can you tell?


Okay I labeled it for you because I know it’s tough.  This was the coolest ultrasound ever!  The baby was kicking and flailing… He/She (I hate saying it!) was pushing back against the doctor.  There were points when you could see a perfect little hand with all the fingers and little bones as it pushed against the wall… We could see the spine and all the little tiny baby back ribs… oops sorry!  My favorite thing to see?  The baby kept it’s ankles crossed the whole time.  You could see all the leg bones and the bones in the feet and even the toes!  Because of the movement this picture isn’t as clear as it looked in person but you get the basic idea.  So here it is labeled!


That’s about it for me for the day.  I am feeling much better.  I am almost out of the queasy woods though once in a while I have a bad day.  I’ll take it!  I have a lot more energy thanks to the extra iron and vitamins my doctor put me on I’m sure.  I still feel tired but for the most part a short afternoon nap will do the job so I can get a few things done around here.  Poor Ryan has done the lion’s share for months now on top of his full time and oh-so-very-busy-right-now job.

Could you all do me a favor?  If there is anything you want to know about that I haven’t talked about in sickening detail ask!  I’m having such a hard time getting here often that I forget what I’ve talked about and what I haven’t and I’m not an overly gushy sort anyway…  so if you have a question let me know and I’ll do my best to answer you in good time!

I’ll be around to visit as I can today! 




11 thoughts on “14 (Almost 15) week appointment

  1. Your 14 week apt with a healthy baby! It is time to get out of the surreal feeling and into the THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING TO US feeling Courtney! My dream for you has come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am crying, crying to see such a beautiful baby on YOUR blog. Love youPS–you can talk about anything you want and I’ll be delighted. I just want to hear all about you! I miss you so much

  2. I am SOOOOOO excited to see those ultrasound pictures!!!  What a prayer come true in such an amazing way!  WOOOOOO GOD!!!Major bummer about the water issues you’ve been having at your house.  Your home owner better get on those issues before the house is too poor to rent, and they lose you as tenants.

  3. WOW!!!!  A baby!   Wahoooo!!!!!!  I am so thankful you are out of the first trimester.  I do hope you start feeling like a million bucks.  😉  I’m glad you’ve had two u/s.  They way they move when they are that little is so incredible to watch on the screen.  Did Ryan go with you?We are having our first u/s on the 30th-20 weeks!  I think it helped with bonding to have an earlier one.  TriCare only has to pay for one if there aren’t any medical reasons to have another one.  I didn’t have a good reason.  Oh, well.  It’s soon!  Now I’m starting to think you are having a boy.  I’m so glad you aren’t going to make us wait til the end.  😉  You are going to tell, right?We are painting our new house right now.  We are painting the baby’s room blue even though we don’t know yet. 😉  I just think it’s a boy!  L’s room is going to be purple.  I THINK you could go to housing on base and have them call your landlord and/or let him know you are going to be moving.  It’s not a safe place if he doesn’t fix it!!!!  Legal might be able to help you too.  Those problems sound like a nightmare.  How long is your lease?  Oh, did they measure the baby?  Were the measurements the same as before?  (I mean suggesting you are 15 weeks when you had thought you were more like 12 or 13 weeks.  Does my question make sense?)Eeeks!  I’m so happy for you.  🙂  Congratulations, again!!

  4. That’s just awful about all the plumbing and roof problems. Pros and cons of renting- you don’t have to worry about footing the bill- but homeowners take there sweet time fixing it. Hang in there.What great ultrasound pics- although if you didn’t label the baby- I’d never have known. lol! Happy to hear your starting to feel better. *hugs*

  5. Thanks for labeling the u/s pic so we could tell what everything is!  🙂  It was so exciting to see your baby again!  I’m so excited that this is finally happening for you!  Was Ryan able to be there with you?I’m so sorry about your leaking issues.  I’ll pray they get it fixed SOON!So glad you are starting to feel better!  That’s what I’ve been praying for!

  6. @sharingjoy – I am so sorry!  I could have sworn I came on and answered questions and I’m a huge bum and didn’t!  And of course, you had good questions!!!!   Okay let’s see… Ryan has been with me for both u/s.  His office knows our story and is really sypathetic and my doc is only about 6 minutes from his office so if I’m going they let him off to come along.  Which is great because my doc has a very strong accent and I really have trouble understanding him and Ryan is the champ… it’s funny to see us talking about what actually got said in the car after the appointment!  LOLAs far as boy or girl feelings go… I have no idea… I feel like it’s a boy but I’ve had two dreams about the baby and it’s a girl in both…  So I’m lost!!!!  But no worries I have no patience and NEED to know asap and of course I can’t keep my mouth shut!  You all will be the first to know after I get home… (because let’s be realistic… I’ll call my mom and sisters on the way home!  LOL)  I CAN’T WAIT!!!  And I’m excited to find out for you too!  Only 11 more days and you’ll know! He didn’t measure the baby officially but he said everything looks right on track size wise for the June 4th due date…As far as our housing situation goes… we have talked to housing and legal and they have advised us to start the process of getting out of our lease when we come home from our Christmas trip.  It’s just getting more and more frustrating and the timeing is bad as well.  Our lease is up at the end of July and with the baby due in the first week of June and Ryan’s deployment bucket opening up on June 1st (and he’s been told twice now by very high ups to COUNT on going because he missed his last for our move) I think moving early would just be smarter anyhow…  So we’ll see how it goes but that’s where we are at the moment.  I think that was eveything… Again I’m sorry for taking so long to answer!

  7. @leannenannette – Whoops I should have tagged you in the last comment!  Yep Ryan got to be at the u/s.  His office knows our story and is very understanding about everything..  His office is only about 6 min from my Doctor’s office so if I have an appointment his office just let’s him run down to attend.  It’s awesome!!!!!  We get to share every moment of it together!!!

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