Down and out!

I had every intention of posting today and of visiting everyone but it’s just not working out.

I’ve got a migraine…  going on three days now to be exact… and since I can’t take anything for relief it’s the dark and quite for me ladies.

It’s no big deal… I’ve always suffered from them (well at least in the last 10 years or so) and they only hit me about 3 times a year and are controllable with a cocktail of meds… But this time around there isn’t anything I can actually do about it.

The chronic stuffy nose and one plugged ear that are apparently a symptom of my pregnancy are not helping this situation either!!!

I’ll try to update tomorrow after my appointment.

Until then I hope all of you are enjoying your Christmas season and for those of you that were sick I hope you’re feeling better!



4 thoughts on “Down and out!

  1. @one_in_heaven – I totally agree!  I have been using all kinds of different versions of that for YEARS because of my major sinus issues.  It’s incredible what it can do if used properly!  My entire family and some other people we know come to me for lessons on how to use it.  Lol!I’m so sorry about the migraine, Courtney!  I can sympathize with you there.  I was miserable before I got meds for them.  I’m sorry you can’t take your meds, but I’m thankful for the reason you can’t!  🙂

  2. I third the neti pot!  It does work.  Also, have you tried those nose strips???  I too get a stuffy nose when pregnant… I use the nose strips at night and it really helps me sleep and keep things from building up too much. SOOOO sorry about the migraine.  I hope it passes soon.  The ear …. try pulling up and out on the top of your ear with one hand and with the other run your thumb down your neck:  bottom of the lobe to your clavicle. Like you’re squeezing a straw.  It helps open things up and gets any buildup moving.  My Chiropractor in MI showed me these things and it does help.  Do it a few times a day.  Once will not make a huge difference. 

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