Terrible~Aweful~Really Bad SMELL!

10:30pm From Out on the Border

About an hour ago my dog, Gandalf… no wait… let me remind you about Gandalf first.

He’s a Newfi mix.  This means he weights 110 pounds.  He is a water dog with an extremely thick and mostly waterproof coat.  He is overly friendly and thinks he’s a giant lapdog… 


Thanks to Kris (BigToePeople) we have some awesome skunk shampoo (Read that we called and went over to pick it up at 9pm) so at the moment he’s on the back patio getting a freezing cold bath in the dark.

I honestly don’t know who I feel the most sorry for… Gandalf, who is foaming at the mouth and whining in pain, or Ryan, who is out there freezing with his eyes burning at the smell. 

My poor boys! 

(Feel bad for me too…  this is NOT easy on my queasy stomach.)

My house smells…  *SHUDDER*  There are no words…  I have every single candle I could find burning, my plug-ins are newly charged, I have the room spray out and I even have the dryer running with extra fabric sheets… 

To top all of this off… we just found out yesterday that my in-laws are coming here for Thanksgiving. 

So, in short, I have two days to get my dog and my house smelling normal, get the guest quarters ready, and cook a huge dinner! 

Please God take away the queasy for just a few days!  🙂

So tonight be thankful if you are snuggling down into your nice warm bed and breathing deeply of your clean fresh air!



10 thoughts on “Terrible~Aweful~Really Bad SMELL!

  1. We ran over a skunk when I was in high school and it sprayed our car in the process.  We washed our hair and clothing in white vinegar, and we had to air out everything in our vehicle for days.  One tip we found that worked–place shoe boxes full of charcoal in different places around your house.  Charcoal absorbs odor.  Change it out periodically.  I hope that helps!!

  2. Have you tried preggie pops???  Go find some.  Most maternity stores carry them.  They don’t take it completely away, but they do help with the queasies.  At least the skunk did not get into your house.  That happened to a friend of mine.  Talk about BAD!!!  They had to have a team that deals with dead body smell come to the house to clean it.  Good luck!!

  3. Hi Courtney,Just checked your blog after a while of not reading it and am so so so thrilled for you to be pregnant!  Congratulations, God is so good :)Hopefully the sickness should ease soon, its not a nice feeling at all, however excited you are to be pg!Love Di x

  4. Yuck!  We have a skunk that lives in our yard, but we have only seen him once.  I smell him all the time, but as long as he keeps his distance and eats up the slugs in my garden, he’s allowed to stay.  Eek.  I can’t imagine getting skunked.  Hope your belly calms soon and Thanksgiving is full of PLEASANT aromas!

  5. “They suggested we use Murphy’s Oil soap on the dog! It worked except for her nose area. As far as the house. We did the candles, coffee grounds,incense, and the baking soda on the carpet which all seemed to help.It’s now 2:50 am and we are finally breathing a little easier. I haveto get up at 5 for work so I better say good night! Thanks to all forall the wonderful suggestions! I love this site.”I was looking for something about coffee grounds-we use it for stink.  Can’t make coffee after the grounds take in the stench!  :)I boil water with vanilla and cinnamon too.  Yummo!  To be honest, this sounds like a pregnancy nightmare!  Skunk and the first trimester do NOT mix!I’ll pray for some relief while the in laws are in town!

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