The Laubester Revealed

Good Afternoon!

I had my first prenatal visit this afternoon.  We were a little scared going into it.   The last time I had a prenatal visit we found out that our almost 7 week old baby had died in utero at five weeks and I had a miscarriage within days of that appointment.  So needless to say the past memories of these appointments all hold heartache and we were apprehensive.

Today wiped every past appointment clean… I think it might have been one of the very best days of my life!

We walked in and waited anxiously for my name to be called.  I was asked into an office where I filled out all the required paperwork to see my new doctor and all the time I was scared to death that this would be my only appointment.  When they finally called us back I spent about 10 minutes going over my medical history with the nurse and explaining about my previous experience with fertility doctors and my 3 miscarriages.  Then my new doctor came in.  I’ll just take a moment to say that I love him and all of his office staff!  It was a lovely experience all around and that makes me so happy!

After a few questions and a little more background my Dr. decided that I really needed to have an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay and to get a, once and for all, accurate time frame for this pregnancy.  I was so excited!  I just knew that seeing my baby and knowing for sure that everything was okay would be a huge relief.

So they led us back to the sonogram room and I experienced the kind of sonogram you see in the movies!  It was so surreal!  From the darkened lights to the ice cold gel on my stomach it was exactly like every movie portrays it… and then our miracle happened.

There on the screen across from us was our baby!  


 Here’s a version with parts labeled so you can see our little Laubester more clearly!

DSC_2222 2.jpg

It was an amazing experience.  As I was laying there while the Dr. took measurements we could actually see the baby waving it’s little arms and legs around!  Then the Dr. asked us the best question… 

“Do you want to hear the heartbeat?”

We both nodded yes and the room was filled with the sound of our baby’s heartbeat.  Racing away at 175 beats per minute.  It was one of the most profound moments of my life.  Ryan and I were struggling to not just break down in tears at the very sound. 

Here is one last picture.  As you can see I’m a little ahead of what was originally thought.  I measure exactly 10 weeks today which makes my due date June 4th of 2010.  That means my first trimester ends on the 25th of November (Crazy that’s only 19 days!) and we’ll be able to see if this little Laubester is a boy or a girl on the 15th of January! 


See the squiggles on the bottom of the picture?  That’s the baby’s heartbeat! 

Thank you each and every one of you for your prayers for my and this baby’s health.  Ryan and I can feel your prayers daily.  Even though we were so nervous today going into this appointment there was an unexplainable underlying peace… We can’t wait to share this journey with you!

Ryan and Courtney


Pregnancy ticker


22 thoughts on “The Laubester Revealed

  1. I am in tears right now! I can’t see the whole picture for some reason but I don’t really care because I’m so happy for you! I will be praying for a healthy pregnancies every day. PS. Are you saying anything about the baby on FB? I have a friend that doesn’t want to tell anybody about the baby because they’ve had heartbreaks in the past. I just want to be sure so I don’t say anything. Have you told your family yet!?

  2. @afgrl326 – Yep just haven’t put it up yet on FB that’s where I’m headed next and no worries my WHOLE family has known since the day we found out.  Our philosophy has always been that the more people that know as early as possible the more people are praying for you from the beginning. 

  3. I’ve been waiting all afternoon for this post so I can do a huge xanga/facebook congats to you!!!!!!!!!!  I’m crying all over again to see this baby that I have NOT. STOPPED. PRAYING. FOR. EVER. SINGLE. DAY since I have met you!I love you

  4. COURTNEY!!!!!!!!!  WOW!!!!  CONGRATULATIONS!  How exciting to find out you are even closer to the end of the first trimester!!!  Hopefully your sickness will end then too!I have been anxiously awaiting your post.  Your news is incredible!  The pictures are wonderful.  Of course, I don’t expect anything else from your picture posts.  (wink)Do tell: are you thinking baby is a girl or boy?  I guess GIRL! 

  5. I have to be honest, I do have tears.  I remember the time I first heard my boys heartbeat, it is a truly amazing time! I had a tough pregnancy, I actually hemorrhaged while working on duty at the hospital. I spent the entire weekend from Thanksgiving Thursday till the following Monday uncertain if my baby was alive. I had so much blood in my uterus that they could not ultrasound till that Monday. Needless to say it was a tearful Thanksgiving. Every year as I look across the table at my boy I say Thank You Lord for Your protective hand. My boy is now 13 and he is big and strong and truly a blessing from God, still I know that come Thanksgiving day I will whisper a Mothers word of Thanks!  Hearing that heartbeat is a wonderful reassurance that God gives life! Just know that I am praying for your little one! Praying for Gods protection and for a smooth pregnancy!  I am rejoicing with you!!!   ~Candy  

  6. My eyes welled up with tears when I read this post!!! God is SO GOOD!!! Praise & glory be unto Him for this little miracle baby!!!!! How thrilling to be 10 weeks along, almost done with your 1st trimester 🙂 I hope that the next 2 weeks go by quickly & then you can bask in the joy of your 2nd trimester lol. I’m still praying for your family, that this little one continues to grow & be healthy 🙂 I SO look forward to reading about your pregnancy!

  7. I am so happy for y’all 🙂 I actually had a dream about y’all this week, and seeing how we’ve never met it was odd, lol. But, you and Ryan were both there and it kept flashing from you now, then you with a big pregnant belly in a blue sweater, and then you with a baby boy. I woke up going “huh… ok.” *lol* So now people you’ve nver met in person are having dreams about you!

  8. I love your jacket in the fall photo above!We prayed for you at Bible study. People can’t wait to meet you and Ryan. Half of us watched Fireproof and half of the people played with the toddlers in another room. It was good to get together. Another couple volunteered to host the December get together…I’ll get you the address and get you on the disti list. I think there were 5 couples there plus kids, and two other new couples were supposed to come…so maybe you won’t be the only new ones next month

  9. SO I’m sitting here bawling like a big baby! My heart rejoices for you….you just don’t know!!! Keep us informed. We will be with you every step of the way. I am so excited and can’t wait!!!

  10. So exciting!  I am just so thrilled for you both!  It is so surreal still that you are truly pregnant!  YAY!  I’m SO glad you got to see your baby and hear its heartbeat!  What an incredible day for you both!  And to find out this little one will be here sooner than you thought- that just makes it even better!  Still praying for you daily!

  11. I am so, so, so happy for you!  I had tears when I saw my baby for the first time!  I am so happy for you. Even though you didn’t ask, I think your baby is a girl.  I cannot wait until you guys find out!  So amazing!  God is so good and merciful!  I also read your above post and hate it for you that you feel crappy.  I remember the exhaustion and the 24/7 nauseau, but I never popped blood vessels.  Ouch!  Can’t wait to see you with belly pics.  You are so tiny and you’re baby bump will be so cute! 

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